Filling Up Aidra Fox! The Lay Over from BaDoinkVR!

Aidra Fox in The Lay Over from BaDoinkVR

Aidra Fox Featured in The Lay Over from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  April 4, 2019
Running time: 38:00
Starring: Aidra Fox
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2(for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: The Lay Over Preview
Notables:  Aidra Fox, Intimate opening, Creampie filling
Negatives:  PoV's, Drab background colors
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Aidra Fox is always fire

The Lay Over

Sup guys!

Had a chance after a busy last few weeks to take a break and watch some movies this weekend: namely The Highwaymen featuring Woody Harrelson & Kevin Costner and The Lay Over with Aidra Fox from BaDoinkVR. BaDoinkVR swapped rigs at the beginning of the year and the first couple scenes I watched in 19' exhibited a noticeable jump in scale to my eye, so I've kind of chillin and waiting to see if they made some tweaks to the rig.  I'm always down for some Aidra Fox and it's been awhile since her last VR scene for VRHush so I was looking forward to watching The Lay Over. 

Aidra Fox at BaDoinkVR

Aidra Fox!

Aidra's One of My Faves for VR

On Aidra's part, The Lay Over's a solid scene with a creampie cherry on top and certainly no complaints from me on that tip. She looks smokin in the opening V neck lingerie and I personally think Aidra comes across really well in VR, with her beautiful eyes, winning smile and natural easy goin vibes.

Aidra Fox VR

Tech Stuff

On the tech side, the image looked pretty average in quality to me, looking its crispest fairly close up to the rig and a bit more diffused at depth.  The rig here seemed to suffer a bit less from the typical close up distortion we see on current gen VR rigs, to the point that I could even get some decent looking screen shots up close, which I generally avoid shooting. So that did stand out to me some, the quality of the up close image in general. 

Washed Out and Drab Looking Backdrop

 Other than the bit of wood flooring up front offering some nice contrast , the bulk of the scene is shot against the white and yellow bed linen making for a kind of drab vibe for much of the movie in terms of colors.

Hey now!

Some nice standing proximity plays during the opening section


On the audio tip, there are a few whispering sections incorporated up front but you get a slight positional shift at best in effect, without that focused, breathy in your ear kind of thing that makes doing the whispering worth it to begin with. Sadly, most VR audio rigs are still not up to the task of capturing this effect some 5 years after VirtualRealPorn did some of the best ever, and the inclusion of whispering plays like more of an insert-element-here kind of vibe in this case rather than offering any extra sensory sizzle.

Overall, you get about 5 minutes of quality close up time with Aidra to start

Nice Intro

The opening 5 minutes does make a nice attempt at getting some intimacy going up front from a solid feeling standing PoV which I appreciated ......and then from there you kind of go on the BaDoinkVR PoV roller coaster which drained the scene of some of its virtual immediacy for me by the end.

Aidra Fox blowjob

You may find yourself rolling some of the hard camera tilt off for this section

Head Out In Front PoV

Action gets going with a tasty ass up on the bed bj from Aidra mixed with a hard tilt PoV on the rig resulting in a cam view that will likely not feel like it is from where your head should be in relation to your body in virtual space, so you can either live with it or hit the tilt controls on your player to see if you can line up yer junk mo better.

Aidra Fox doggie


Next up is doggy from the same hard angle, and this was one of the sections I was questioning the scale of the badunkadunk before me. I dunno.....Aidra's ass looks oddly big here for some reason in relation to her torso downrange?  Something seemed not quite right about it to my eyes in terms of scale and proportion in the image.

Wonky Feeling Missionary

Aidra rolls over onto her back at about the 14 minute mark for "missionary" and it's the kind of shot where you can clearly see the guy standing up straight in the rear of the frame, while your "head" is miraculously in front of Aidra, so ya......not really a fan of the PoV here which screams cam view more than virtual face to face fuck.

This framing gives you an idea how far out in front of the dude the rig is

Aidra Fox virtual missionary

If you look dead ahead it's not bad.... but still a ghetto mish shot, lol

Too Far From the Sushi Bar

You roll over onto your back at around the 21 minute mark for a quick handy, followed up by the crab crawl and some  little-too-far from your VR simulated cunnilingus.

Aidra Fox virtual cowgirl


Cowgirl's up next and was probably my favorite PoV other than the opening setup despite it being oriented across the bed which tends to flatten out the dude quite a bit. If you look up at Adria, the distance to dick feels pretty close and there is a lot of cowgirl featured for laying cow fans.

Cowgirl Gets Her Cream

Mixed cowgirl is featured for the remainder of the movie split between forwards and backwards action finally culminating in a solid eye contact "fill me up" creampie ending from Aidra.

Fill 'er Up!

Aidra Fox creampie

"After all these finally filled it up!"

Nice Scene for Aidra Fox Fans


All in all, I thought The Lay Over was a decent scene for Aidra Fox fans despite some flubby feeling PoV's from BaDoinkVR.  I've enjoyed just about everything I have watched Aidra in in VR, and while this one doesn't quite have the production to make it pop like say something like Payback in the Day from WankzVR does, it's still a nice 40 minutes with Aidra.  And .... we are probably not likely to see her shooting at WankzVR again anytime soon 🙂  More on that this week! lol. 

On the production positives, I quite enjoyed the intimate opening setup with some stand up booty rubbing and a bit of face time with Aidra as a nice way to get things going, and I thought the close up footage also looked quite sharp and clean in terms of IQ on the tech side. 

On the negatives, I wasn't feeling a good half of the out-in-front PoV's here and I wanted to burn the pissy yellow curtain in the background by the end of the movie, lol.  Close up audio effects in terms of whispering were also underwhelming and I might just cut that footage until such a time as there is an upgrade were I BaDoink. When it's a good setup, it can give you goosebumps, when it's not, it kind of comes off as an obvious element and despite working on audio last year, BaDoink has yet to crack the hot-in-your-ear VR sound nut.  Finally, I'm still not sure about the scale issue this year with the doggy position in particular looking a bit suspect to my eyes here.  I wasn't tripping like I was on earlier scenes from 19' so it seemed improved in that regard to my eyes.

Overall, The Lay Over was about the average 8/10 BaDoinkVR scene for me over the last 1.5 years or so. Great talent, solid performance, iffy PoV's and a kind of a predictable cookie cutter approach at times in terms of scene elements and flow.  Aidra Fox looks amazing throughout, did a nice job with the you're-gonna-get-to-cum-in-me-today premise and I thought it was cool to see her return to BaDoinkVR for another movie. 8/10.


The audio on this trailer was missing at release

The Lay Over from BaDoinkVR!

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