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Chloe Scott Stars in After School Special from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Naughty America VR
Release date:  5/8/17
Running time: 34:52
Starring:  Chloe Scott
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: After School Special Preview
Notables:  uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Chloe sure is cute 
Negatives:  More edits than the clean version of Killing In the Name Of, Poor PoV's, Chloe reading lines off camera
Review Score: 3/10
5 words or less:  After School Special ed

"After School Special"

     Sup fappers!  So, I watch a bunch of these fuckers every week, and have just been pretty much cherry picking the most interesting ones the last 4 or 5 months or so, as most studios doubled up on release rates last year, and my full reviews take quite a bit more time than they used to, especially the one hour Wankzstravaganzas.  But, I would like to be able to get back to writing up more of the movies, I'm screening, the good, the bad and the fugly, so this will be the first "Quick Review" I am going to start doing up for some of the movies that were not up to snuff for me technically speaking, or those that just fall between the cracks on time for me to sit down and screencap/write up for a full scene walkthrough.  After School Special falls into the former category for me here, with a decent introduction to Chloe Scott in VR hampered by Naughty America production shortcomings, resulting in a serious dud for me technically on the VEE ARR stuff.  The movie never mounted any sort of significant tension or rhythm as it lurched forward clumsily from one jarring edit to another over it's 35 minute runtime and I would pretty much cite it as an example of things not to do in VR porn production in 2017. 

Sunny day

This was the first time I have gotten a chance to check out Chloe Scott and she looks quite lovely here as you first meet her under the trees for a little hook up action. Word on the street is you're a virgin, and Chloe is on a mission to pluck your cherry.  Naughty America VR has been shooting outside a lot of late, and on the color vs. washout factor, this movie fairs pretty well with some nice looking outdoor shots. 

​But wut da fuq with all these edits Chuck?

What I noticed from jump in After School Special, much the same as the last Naughty America movie I watched, Thonged, was a new prevalence of a ridiculous amount of editing, that pretty much destroys any sense of immersion or scene pacing/rhythm, for me at least. There are edits in this scene where one second you are staring at ass, and the next her face, with most of the edits being quite jarring in the way they are implemented, in terms of the entry and exit points chosen for the cuts.  I don't know if Naughty America got a new editor or what, but this is a new flavor I am definitely not digging and there was on average, an edit a minute in this 34 minute scene which = a shit ton of edits for a VR porn movie where immersion is a thing.  


The result up front is frankly laughable in a VR scene.  It is literally Chloe saying a line, a cut and a splice and then Chloe spits another line, rinse and repeat line by line, to the point I was calling the edits....."annnnnnd edit."  When I contrast this to a scene of equal length I watched at Czech VR a week ago, that did not contain a single edit in its entire run, it's pretty stark contrast.   I tallied more than 27 cuts in this 35 minute scene and that was after a good half dozen or more had already gone by and I could sense the impending edit fest, deciding then to wtf count em.

So this pulled me out of it right from the start. If this style of edited dialog wasn't bad enough, later in the scene, it is obvious they are using a marker board or something to write lines on, and you can literally watch Chloe look offscreen, look back, say her line and pretty much telegraph the entire thing.


Between that kind of stuff with the dialog reading and the edits, the movie just had a totally manufactured, cobbled together flavor to it, that was a total turnoff for me and this is without any of the other technical shortcomings, such as the lackluster PoVs employed.

​Crappy PoV's

On PoV's, the first seated position for cowgirl feels too low and too close and could benefit from the cam being pointed up, yielding a more honest PoV and better room at the upper border margin.  Some 8 or more months since Naughty America VR crew/s started making a habit of cutting girls heads off on their new rig, they still have not caught on, that simply titling the rig up for these shots buys them room at the upper border. Chloe feels like she is towering over you here, and you are staring directly at your junk at a 90 degree straight ahead angle, or, what amounts to an impossible view.

​Newb edits

There are a series of edits here I screened for an example, that shows exactly how poorly conceived these edits are: when you see the first shot at 14:14, she then turns around and is seen just about to put the dick in the 2nd shot at 14:25.  Then, there is an edit for no explicable reason, and you are now fucking in forward cow again at 14:26.  Just, completely what the fuck, and it is not the only example of continuity sapping edits like that, that make this feel like a patchwork clip quilt instead of a virtual fuck experience.

​Simple shit

I mean, it's simple.  She is in forward, you have her transitioning to reverse coming up.  If there was a problem with the upcoming footage that required a cutaway, and you are going to wind up in forward again after cleaning it up....... why on the earth of fuck leave the aborted transition footage in, when you can near seamlessly transition between the 2 forward facing sections with a blended transition instead of a cold cut? 

I am not a video editor folks, I am an audio editor, but my lord..... this stuff is common sense for a pro editor who is tasked at making cohesive works from pieces of raw footage. ​ If this particular sequence was the only example of this type of editing logic, I would not talk about it.  Unfortunately, it's not.  It's just straight up, bad editing. 

​Gettin yer Gumbi rut on 

The action swaps after the flat on back blindspot towering cow,  to an absurd doggie PoV, as our boy, Damon Dice is put in a ridiculous, leaning back position that no one would ever fuck in, and you get this tasty PoV that WankzVR tried, and ultimately burned, about a year ago for both the doggie and subsequent propped missionary action.  It's a totally silly feeling perspective that has you sitting at a bizarre angle, far away from Chloe, and the cam feels mounted to your chest to further sweeten the deal. 

​Cushion fail.....uh.....this is just cowgirl again folks

At one point, they move to "missionary" and even put Chloe up on what is basically, the WankzVR style missionary cushion where, it theoretically, makes it easier for people to fuck and enables closer, more authentic feeling PoV's but they keep Damon in the same derpy position here for this section as well, which just makes you go, well.....why use the cushion to begin with, if you are not going to realize the benefits of using it?  They could have just shot Damon with his legs extended out, back inclined on a wedge for the same cowgirl action. overthinking shit to a stupid degree. It is not that hard.  What is the objective here?  Diminish VR presence?  Put your talent in horrible positions to work in?  What are we doing here and why is it being done?

After School Special Ed (nothing against Chloe or the short bus kids)​


So ya... I wound up watching After School Special in its entirety, but more to count the sheer number of edits and note the other technical gaffs, than me being actually interested in the fuck scene proper, a beautiful Chloe Scott not being enough to pull the VR technical boat anchor up off of the rocks. Chloe, was fine, but you could never get a sense of her really with the hatchet job on editing disrupting any sort of continuity or "experience" to be had with her.  I did not for one second, feel like I was spending time with Chloe, like a good, immersive VR porn movie can make you feel and this thing was off the rails for me in the first few minutes with no chance of ever recovering between the sloppy editing and false PoVs.  Chloe Scott looked great, but this was not a great showing from either editing or cam setup dude and for me, it's kind of an example of exactly what not to do in a VR porn movie these days. When you watch the trailer below, the edits up front......those are not trailer blink edits folks, thats how that shit plays out in the movie.  If that does not particularly bother you, you may get some more miles out of this one than I did.  3/10. 

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"After School Special" from Naughty America VR!

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