Adult VR End of Summer 2016 Wrap Up! State of the VR Pron!

Adult VR End of Summer Wrap Up!

Review by DirtyD

Adult-Vr-Summer Lovin WankzVR Cover End of Summer

Adult VR Summer Wrap Up

The Labor Day weekend is upon us and with it, Summer 2016 gives way to Fall, and it sure as shit looks like it outside today where I am at! Rain with a chance of Grey and piss :).  Summer 2016 had to have been the most eventful period in the short history of adult VR that I can recall , seeing many of the larger studios making significant changes in the way they are shooting porn for Virtual Reality.  It's hard to think of another 90 day period in the last 2 years where this much boat rocking shit took place, so let's take a few minutes to look back at some of the highlights in adult VR from Summer 2016 that will help shape movies to come this Fall and Winter.

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, if we consider Memorial Day weekend the start of Summer in the U.S., it is fitting we start with that week here for our Summer recap as it saw two groundbreaking releases in adult VR:  1. Casting Couch VR with Leah Gotti from WankzVR and 2.  Get Flix and Chill featuring Yhivi from HoloGirlsVR.   And things have been different ever since pretty much in VR porn.

Casting Couch VR End of Summer

Wankz and HoloGirlsVR Both Turned the Tables This Summer

Just to stop for a sec and give props to both WankzVR and HoloGirls here, as this shit turned the fucking tide in the industry.  120 days could not find a kiss in VR.  You had to put on something like the Dominatrix from VirtualRealPorn and relish 20 seconds of a strong hint at what that might be like.  Now?  There is kissing in virtually every VR scene being filmed by every major studio producing VR porn.  And WankzVR and HoloGirlsVR got to the cheese first.

Kissing and Close Up Action Now FOTW

Naughty America VR, BaDoinkVR, Virtual Taboo, VirtualRealPorn, Czech VR, Real Teens VR, now, all feature both increased close ups, and kissing in their scenes, where every one of them failed to do it for months, if not YEARS before scenes like Casting and Flix were released.  Wankz and Holo broke the fucking mold and we owe it all those 2 crews/talent for pointing the way to the rest of the industry.


Wankz Builds on Casting Couch VR and Steamrolls in Summer 2016

WankzVR went on to fucking crush it over the Summer, taking what they started with Casting Couch VR and applying it to cutting edge adult VR movies like My Best Friends Girl, Fuck Me, I'm Famous, Breakfast in Bed, Happy Ending, Private Tutor , and the high profile On Set with Riley Reid pretty much putting the industry on notice.  It will be interesting to watch and see if the lead dog continues to break trail with other teams nipping closely at their heels on content heading into Fall and Winter.

Get Flix and Chill end of Summer


HoloGirlsVR Get Flix and Chill

Get Flix and Chill was really the first legit kissing in VR as well as probably the first real attempt at a decent GFE, and it scored high with many on both marks.  Get Flix was incredibly intimate by most VR standards at the time, featuring an outstanding unaffected performance from Yhivi and was a clear high water mark that hinted where the art-form could grow and go with respect to closing the distance between talent and lens and exploring GFE type scenarios.


There were some technical problems with Get Flix with regard to the seaming that is present in HoloGirlsVR shots,  but Get Flix, like Casting Couch verified what many VR porn consumers already suspected.  You could get close....really close and get some really cool VR effects.  Effects that you simply cannot get in traditional 2d porn.

HoloGirlsVR Expands into Facesitting

HoloGirlsVR then went on to release a Summers worth of content that in no way followed up on the early promise of Flix, unless you were a facesitting aficionado, and only just last week, finally released a follow-up to Get Flix and Chill.  Get Flix 2, "Christen the New House", at least for me, captured little of what made the first one special, other than Yhivi, who is solid as can be and it is unfortunate that HoloGirlsVR have not been able to pursue more intimate shoots like they experimented with on Get Flix. 

One reason for this is that HoloGirlsVR is largely unable to film close up and feature things like kissing right now, as their rig/s have 2 huge seams in it that cannot be crossed by talent without having the background image superimposed by stitching over what should be body parts like limbs or portions of heads and asses.  WankzVR on the other hand, fired up their second rig and let their girls put their pussy's right up on the shit, allowing them to shoot as close as they want or need to. 

HoloGirlsVR states that they will film up close "when appropriate" or when scenes call for it, and the contrast right now between current HoloGirlsVR productions and studios such as WankzVR, or Naughty America VR/ Real Teens VR ​production styles is rather stark. 

You can see this clearly watching the same performers at HoloGirlsVR and other studios.  You take someone like Leah Gotti at HoloGirlsVR and it was frankly a boring scene due to direction and the distance from the camera.  She shows up at Wankz, and they peel paint.  Same with Riley Reid.  After the last month of heavy solo casting couch type releases, and scenes that displayed more of the limits of their camera rigs, it will be interesting to see where HoloGirlsVR takes us this fall.  A quick count of the last 40 releases since Get Flix, show 13 with fucking at a glance, and it would appear currently that HoloGirlsVR are not very focused on B/G fuck scenes.

Rachel Evans Czech VR end of Summer

Rachel Evans

Czech VR Moves Things Along

A bit lower on many folks adult VR radar, lies Czech VR, who are also doing their part to really push virtual reality porn forward in terms of utilizing innovative production techniques.  Czech VR are known presently by many fans for having perhaps consistently the best looking usable image in VR (I say that, because I do not consider HoloGirls Hi-Res image with seams to be imminently usable for shooting VR porn with) and also for featuring a moving camera in many scenes now.


The moving camera is a feature that only a couple studios of any profile are playing with currently, and Czech VR is well on it's way to using it to great effect in VR, pulling off shots like simulated missionary position that are simply very difficult to get with stationary rigs at the moment.  The transition to moving rigs seems all but inevitable with adult VR and Czech VR is currently leading the way in this exciting new direction.  If Czech VR was a U.S. studio shooting American Girls,....they would be crushing it right now as they have a very high rating among longtime VR porn enthusiasts on most other metrics.

Adult VR Modern Love Virtual Taboo

Virtual Taboo Proves Indies Can Run with the Big Dogs

Virtual Taboo also quietly had a great summer run.  Learning from their experiences and building on them from shoot to shoot, as well as putting consumer feedback to great effect resulted in a winning combination producing some really strong VR shoots over the last few months such as Modern Love, Catex and Proxy Paige: JOI.


Catex was a full length fetish treat for latex fans featuring sexy Julia Roca and directed by original VR performer Silvia Rubi.   Proxy's JOI really amounted to the first mainstream JOI for VR in my eyes.   And Modern Love took three amazing adult performers in Proxy Paige, Onix Babe and Juan Lucho and just documented them fucking the shit out of each other for 35 minutes.

All of these scenes were filmed in such a way that they were fun to watch in VR and along with scenes with both Alexa and Joel Tomas, and Viola Bailey's, Virtual Taboo would up putting out some of my favorite VR porn this Summer.  It sounds as if the main developer responsible for this content may now be moving on from Virtual Taboo, so we will have to see how this studio continues to develop going forward this Fall and Winter.

Real Teens VR Breaks Out the Teen Pussy

Naughty America launched satellite site Real Teens VR this Summer featuring all 18 and 19 yr old talent and other than some scale issues in the first half dozen movies—a couple of which were just downright unwatchable for me— Real Teens VR have released some of the best adult VR of the Summer in my mind with scenes like Kylie Page and Lily Jordan as some of my top picks in the last 3 months. With recent improvements at Naughty America VR including a new rig, new scale, and a higher available bit-rate,  I am pretty stoked about the upcoming Real Teens VR releases.  They have kind of been my jam lately.

Real Teens VR reminds me of WankzVR a bit as the focus is fairly similar: Young, hot ladies, filmed at close proximity, kissing, close up pussy and ass in your face shots, and overall, trying to provide a more connected experience in VR for the viewer.  The opening solo tease/stripping sections work really well, and the fucking is generally well done, with some nice camera perspectives that are some of my current favorites.

Naughty America

Naughty America VR fans had a good summer with some really solid offerings like Can't Sit with Us with Alex Grey, probably the hottest anal movie ever filmed for VR in Double Derriere Daydream and what would perhaps be the best Naughty America VR movie to date in my estimation, Bangin 4th with Nicole Aniston featuring some of the most on point kissing filmed in adult VR.

The drawback for many Naughty America subs, was that their movies still looked giant on GearVR in particular, and many others were unable to enjoy the slightly larger scale present on the old NA rig on other platforms and players.

NAVR set about squashing first the scale issue with a new rig that is now being used on NA and Real Teens VR productions. Next was an increase in bit-rate, lending a nice tick up in image, and finally, as of Labor Day Weekend, they have abandoned the fisheye setup that they have been filming with all this time that many objected to.  At the beginning of Fall, the latest release, Yoga One on One with Luna Star, seems to be getting tech praise from all platforms finally, and I am really excited to see where NA/RTVR goes next as well as being excited that more can view their excellent content in "proper" scale now.

Busting a Nun Summer

Blake Eden

BaDoinkVR Rallies Mid to Late Summer

BaDoinkVR, who were all but off of my radar in Summer after several months of largely uninspired content, showed some signs of attempting to shake things up a bit with both a total re-skin on their website, and the inclusion of U.S. girls into what had been an exclusively European roster.


Further hints of change came recently with the announcement of the August Ames Virtual Sexology Series (at least it is something new!) and then BaDoinkVR managed to squeeze out a VR diamond from seemingly nowhere with Busting a Nun with Blake Eden.

Busting a Nun is some groundbreaking shit if you ask me, and if BaDoinkVR can recapture this formula and bottle it, they are going to have some happy fans.  The next 3 movies from BaDoinkVR unfortunately missed for me on replicating the on point camera perspectives offered in Busting, but still offered some new twists for BaDoinkVR and I do hope that upcoming releases capitalize on some of the elements focused in Busting, such as ramped up intimacy, fantastic cam perspectives, and an absolutely amazing doggie shot.  BaDoinkVR is definitely sitting on my radar right now, just because it is quite obvious that they are trying to get out of their stagnant rut and become a leader in VR again and if that process leads to more shit like Busting, it will be fun to watch.

misha cross summer VirtualRealPorn


VirtualRealPorn are the oldest name in VR porn and as such, perhaps have the hardest time running against current studios like Wankz VR, with peoples tendencies for always seeking the hot new shit.  VRP's library is deep and full some some great early examples of VR porn, but many of the things they hit upon in early movies, are now being used by other studios, while VirtualRealPorn tries to catch up in a sense in my estimation as a long time sub.

VirtualRealPorn are making some definite moves to counter this, bringing an increase in close up footage, kissing and the seemingly long abandoned whispering that was featured to great effect in some early VRP titles, but this move has been accompanied by a jump in scale that seems relative to camera positioning with most of the Summer releases I caught.

Recent changes have seen VirtualRealPorn switch to h.265 codec, and the video quality was not noticeably enhanced by this for me in the first release that I saw encoded in this format.  I have not had any issues running the h.265 on a 970 however in the VRP player, as opposed to say HoloGirlsVR, that I would need to run in something like AutoplayVR to help with the decoding for those with that concern.

VirtualRealPorn seems like they are at a turning point right now and it will be interesting to see how they respond to mounting competition this Fall and Winter.  As the originator in adult VR, I am rooting for them.

Some of Our Favorite Adult VR Movies from Summer 2016


BaDoinkVR | Naughty America VR | Real Teens VR

HoloGirlsVR | Czech VR

Standout Adult VR Performers This Summer: 

Leah Gotti, Riley Reid, Yhivi, Megan Rain, Mia Malkova, Nicole Aniston, Proxy Paige, Jenna Reid, Lily Jordan, Kylie Page, Kristen Scott, Aidra Fox, Blake Eden, Stevie Foxx, Reena Sky, Alex Grey, Katrina Jade, Julia Roca, Katy Rose, Kristy Black, Ria, Nikky Dream, Amarna Miller, Misha Cross, Viola Bailey's  

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