Adria Rae Featured at BaDoinkVR in Rae of Hope!

Adria Rae at BaDoinkVR Rae of Hope

Adria Rae featured in Rae of Hope from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  5/31/18
Running time: 31:00
Starring:  Adria Rae
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Rae of Hope preview
Notables:   Adria Rae, on point kisses, no ceiling lights
Negatives:  Hot pink glow at times
Review Score: 8.5
5 words or less:  Nice scene for Adria fans

Rae of Hope

Sup yall! Doin up a scene review for Adria Rae's new BaDoinkVR feature, Rae of Hope this afternoon. I think Adria Rae was probably my VR crush for 2016 with her debut in Double Trouble at Wankz and I usually do my best to catch any new VR scenes with her ever since. WankzVR has had her locked down under contract for pretty much her whole time in VR so far, so it was cool to see her pop up at BaDoinkVR this last week in Rae of Hope. 

Adria Rae

Adria Rae!


Setup for Rae of Hope is.....lean. Like.... one line lean!  You've made an unspecified "donation" of some sort, and uhhhhh.... Adria is thankful.

Setup's over....LET US FUUUCCCCKK!

Adria Rae in Rae of Hope
Adria Rae disrobes

Right to the point

Adria has a seat on the table in front of you, losing her dress by minute 1, so if you are a clothes on for a bit or setup kind of guy, wrong flick, your ray of hope just died!

Adria Rae ass


Looking around, it was good to see an alternate lighting approach used for this scene vs. movies from the last 6 weeks or so that have seen BaDoinkVR experimenting with ceiling lights as a light source, often resulting in light halos being close the girls heads for example when looking up at them and an overall hit to image quality from the oncoming lights. 

Adria Rae at BaDoinkVR

Image quality

This scene, the room lights have been left off immediately over the set, with the room shades drawn and things look pretty average in terms of image quality. I would say there is a more pronounced pink tone to the skin tones here, and a tad much at times on the outer edges of both performers, but, overall a little more realistic looking than the often alabaster skin tones seen earlier in the year at BaDoink and BabeVR.  

Adria Rae removes bra
Adria Rae spreads ass
Rae of Hope movie review

Audio is pretty decent and is improved from earlier this year, though there's not much in the way of dialog in this movie. 

Adria Rae VR

Slob on yer knob

Oral gets going about 4 minutes in with the overall action bein pretty heavy on spit and gak... gak... gak's. Plus this exhale with cock in throat thing Adria seems fond of, lol. 

Adria Rae blowjob
Adria Rae grinds pussy on leg

Camel grind

There's a nice camel grinding shot next with Adria rubbin one out on your thigh whilst jerkin you off, then licking up her snail trail afterward.

Adria Rae licks thigh
Adria Rae reverse cowgirl

Ass in your lap

Adria takes a seat in reverse lap cowgirl, offering you a choice view of her sweet little ass.  Mr. Driller was crackin me up here, sitting with his arms tucked back behind his body in some sort of zen stuntdick position, so this one's about 98% man hands free for those that care.  I'm down for a bit more hip grip myself rather than armless Joe stance. 

Adria Rae virtual
Adria Rae virtual sex


Adria pulls a few spinner moves during the scene and rotates around on your shaft into forward cowgirl next, managing to plant a couple of those patented Adria Rae VR kisses on you in the midst of things.

Adria Rae VR
Adria Rae fingers asshole

"Feels soo good in both my holes"

Another 180 degree cockspin and Adria wets a finger and slips it up her backdoor while riding you in reverse again. 

Adria Rae virtual porn

Brief lean-back section

There's a nice bit of lean back action that comes next capped off with another kiss making for one of the more present feeling shots of the movie, though quite brief in duration.

Adria Rae cowgirl
Adria Rae sucks a nut

"I wanna taste all my cum off your cock"

Spit.... drool..... gak gak gak....with a side o' nut luvins!

Adria Rae doggy

Kneeling doggy

A kneeling doggy shot is featured next at around 16 minutes in and it was kind of mixed one for me in terms of the PoV. On one hand, there's a nice bit of frame fill with Adria here, and in some ways, I kept wanting to think of the amazing Busting a Nun doggy shot, but this one kept falling a little short compared to that lucky strike.

Adria Rae finger in ass

Not quite the VR gold zone

There's just a bit more bro focused in this shot compared to Busting which is more vertical, and the view feels a little lower than it perhaps should so it didn't quite hit the gold VR zone for me, but good to see them do a kneeling doggy shot and Adria Rae looks great fingering and spreading her ass out for you here.

Adria Rae spreads ass

Some hot pink highlights rockin in this section, I think that Lifesava's Bubblegum flava!

Hot Pink glow

Lighting looks fairly hot in sections here, with a strong pink glow on the edges of both subjects from the backlighting. There are also some pinkish hot spots in the image, so not sure if this is post, lighting, or combination of both but I think BaDoink have been trying to get some more pink happenin on their skin tones as near as I can tell over the last few weeks of releases.  

Adria Rae footjob


There's some footwork at around the 23 minute mark where Adria lubes em up and works your tool for a minute or so before laying back for kneeling frogman missionary.

Adria Rae in Rae of Hope
Adria Rae cumshot


Cumshot.....kind of just happens, no real audible, no "give me that load baby", just pretty much pump pump....../sploooge.  Ryan remains hands free the whole way, lol. 

Adria Rae

Adria snacks on some cum for a minute or so and then heads off to clean up, before showing up again at the end of scene "you-just fucked-me-at-BaDoinkVR" tag to close things out.

Adria Rae post scene

"You just fucked me at BaDoinkVR!"

Nice scene for Adria Rae Fans


Moppin up the cum on Rae of Hope, I thought it was a pretty solid scene for fans of Adria Rae and it was cool to see her over on the BaDoinkVR set.  The scene was kind of short n to the point so if your not looking for much setup, zero manhands and a nice bit of ass time with Adria, this one fits the bill.

On the positive side, Adria's smile lights up the room and she always seems to hit her VR kisses with style.  She looks great here, and I was diggin on both the camel grinding and lean back lap sections in particular as well as her fingering her asshole a couple of times during the scene.  

On the downstrokes, mainly just the hot pink glow for me, and that's alright, BaDoinkVR seem to be tweaking the flesh tones over the last few weeks, and it would be nice for them to find the sweet spot here on set lighting and post processing.  Other than that, the doggie felt a little low for me but I was glad to see the kneeling, closer up setup employed. I also normally enjoy most of Adria's past setup sequences quite a bit, say at WankzVR, so it was a little disappointing there was virtually zero setup dialog here in this scene in terms of just getting some of her personality up front.  Not a super intimate VR scene, but not cold either, kind of mid temp for me, just on the scene flow and pacing kind of side.

Overall, I always enjoy watching Adria Rae and Rae of Hope was no exception.  I wouldn't say it was the most intimate feeling VR scene I have watched Adria in, but she's solid here and this is likely a movie you will want to catch at some point if you're a fan.  8.5/10.  


Rae of Hope from BaDoinkVR!

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