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3D Porn Reviews.com was founded in Spring of 2016 by me, Dirty D! 

I am, among other things, a hardcore gamer since my first PONG unit in the 80's and a lifelong porn fan, since finding pops' fuckmags on the top bathroom shelf at about 5!  So ya, I am kind of cut out for VR Porn.   I have had an Oculus DK2 for some 18 months or so now, well over 100 VR flicks on my hard drives,  and have been watching Virtual porn since it hit the ground in late 2014 and am frankly watching very little 2D porn these days.  

I have been turning to sites like Rabbit Reviews ​for porn reviews for the last 15 years or more, so I know the value of a good porn review site when you want a peep behind the green door. 

I don't run static ads on my blogs, I only run affiliate ad's for companies I support  myself.  This is the best of worlds for all involved.  I don't get paid to run static ads, thereby potentially influencing my reviews, and folks that click thru my affiliate ads to subscribe to a website, do not pay any more than if they went to the website directly through Google.  The companies pay a lead out of their profits, and only when a sale is made, so it is great for the company also, in that they don't have to pay for advertising without seeing a result first and I monetize several of my blogs on other topics this way.  

All porn companies pay roughly the same lead commissions for the mostpart, so there is very little incentive to rank one over the other for purposes of steering traffic and it does me no good to provide a flowery review when the site is shit.  If there are problems, as I see them as a consumer, and I am aware of them, I will be sure to mention them to my readers and you will see plenty of negatives brought to light in my reviews.  I don't run popups, signups or any other shit I find annoying when I am surfing the web.  I try to keep things clean and not assault my visitors with advertising in every nook and cranny.  In other words, I try to provide the same experience I would want or expect myself cause I fucking hate thin affiliate websites that offer zero useful content and are minefields to click on.   You can click our links with confidence, I am not trying to trick you into buying anything, what you see described on the link, is what you will get, no fucking popups, no fucking bullshit and all outbound links lead to official sources, studio webpages, twitter accounts, etc.  

This website is a one man show and I am not sponsored by anyone and it's a lot of work.  If you enjoy the content and are considering a sub to a particular website, clicking through our links or sharing our content helps out a lot! 

So that's a bit about me, Dirty D.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my Blog and hope you stick with us for your VR porn reviews! ​ I don't believe in spamming mailboxes, so I don't run a sign up, but you can always follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date on the latest VR Porn releases!

Happy Fappin!