In Through the Out Door with Alex Harper in A Hole Lotta Love from Naughty America VR!

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Alex Harper in A Hole Lotta Love from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio: Naughty America VR
Release date:  1/6/17
Running time: 32:42
Starring:  Alex Harper
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or A Hole Lotta Love Preview
Notables:  Alex's long leggy build, stretch jeans, nice performance, all anal
Negatives:  Headless lap sequences, tilt on cam where not needed,
Review Score: 7.5/10
5 words or less:  Stop tilting rig for seated

"A Hole Lotta Love"

Doubling back on last Fridays release from Naughty America VR tonight, A Hole Lotta Love starring beautiful Alex Harper.  A Hole Lotta Love is a straight to the A feature from Naughty America so if anal ain't your bag baby, best check out now on this one, cause that is all your are going to get here is time in Alex's 2 hole.  As anal is my bag baby, I was stoked for this one but as has been the case for many Naughty America VR shoots in the last 6 months or so, a tilt on the cam where no tilt should be leaves us missing Alex's head during close up lap sections and renders the scene a bit less than what it should have been for me while making me wonder why this is still happening at Naughty America VR all these months later when it is such an easy thing to prevent.    

"I kind of.... want you to fuck me in the ass"

The scene gets started with Alex telling you, step-bro, she has had her eye on you for awhile and that her own sex life is really not that kinky, and well....ya know....she kind of wants you to...well ......fuck her in the ass!  Sounds like a winner to me and it's soon time for the boomchickawhawha.

Cough.....about that rig tilt bro

Your opening PoV is seated and the up front kisses are right on point here from Alex coming off really solid in terms of placement.  She then hops on for what should be a very present feeling lap shot, but in yet another head scratching moment, production has tilted the cam down, for a shot that needs room at the upper border and off goes yet another girls head at Naughty America VR.  It's this point. /shrug.  It is honestly one of the things keeping me from wanting to watch NA productions right now, the fact that this has been happening for months. Why this guy, points his rig down, for action that will require more border at the top, is a mystery to me.  There is simply no reason to do it.  Why?  To get more bro chest in the shot? Why? why? Why god why!!! lol

Some headless titty time follows and again....if you are going to shoot titties in front of a face folks, where do you point the camera? 1. Dead ahead? 2. Up?  3. Down?  If you answered down, congrats!  You are qualified to be a Naughty America VR camera op! 🙂  So... a bit more of this silliness before Alex gets down on her knees between your legs and breaks your cock out for some oral lovin, which is in actually located in the frame!

Beautiful ass

You get some nice views of Alex in her stretch jeans/pants next before she removes them and turns around for a nice asshole spread for you. Alex has a beautiful, long, leggy body and looks pretty amazing here from the back I must say.

More headless riding

She hops back in your lap fully naked and there is yet more decapitated action here but we are thankfully about out of that neck of the woods as Alex lays back in the frame and places you inside her ass around the 13 minute mark.  This pretty much kills all the nice close up action here though unless you just stare at Alex's tits.

Action feels too high in virtual space

The view is pretty nice, but the PoV is pretty lame with the rig tilted down, and even fully reclined in a gaming chair, the dick region felt too high or above me in virtual space. The sensation here, should be a girl in my lap, not floating above my keyboard so the PoV felt pretty bad for me in this section.

Close up pussy time

Some atm follows and the action shifts to you laying back on top of the white ottoman visible in the previous shot, where they have now leveled the rig off for a pussy eating section.  Pussy placement is pretty solid here, and you get some close up time from both the front and the rear view. They pretty much pull a page from the WankzVR book for some close up ass eating, and, for my eyes, the NA rig does not fare quite as well as the WankzVR rig at this super close distance and the effect is not quite the same.  No virtual asslingus going on here.

Decent doggie shot

20 minutes in sees a transition to standing doggie where the high end rolls off the audio noticeably as well as some audible breathing and vocals from bro as he penetrates Alex's asshole.  PoV feels decent here, on a hard tilt, where the tilt actually makes sense for the shot, and it's all in all not a bad standing anal perspective with Alex certainly looking great and some nice face down anal action on the ottoman. Probably the best stretch of the movie for me.

Standard missionary ending

The scene ends up fairly predictably for NA in kneeling missionary and the PoV jumps a bit close, but it's a decent finishing perspective and it's not long before you are dumping your load on Alex's stomach and she leans back for some nice views of her freshly stretched hole as she tells you how good you just fucked it before A Hole Lotta Love fades out to black.

An otherwise nice show from Alex marred by sloppy cam setup up front


Overall, A Hole Lotta Love is not a bad scene for anal fans or Alex Harper fans, she looks great and there are some nice shots to be had.  On the positives, I loved Alex and the pants she was initially modeling and there was some nice focus on her ass that should leave the assmen happy indeed.  As well, I like an anal movie that just gets right to the point sometimes, so as an anal fan, I don't mind goin straight to the A, and am glad Naughty America busts one out for us every now and again like this feature and Double Derriere Daydream.  On the negatives, productions penchant for tilting the rig down for no apparent reason, thereby reducing the amount of room they have to frame within Naughty America VR's already tight upper border on seated shots where the action will be dead ahead in the frame or above it, is getting to be fairly ridiculous at this point, having cost us lap views of Mia Malkova, Megan Rain, and Sydney Cole in the last several months and one has to wonder if this guy ever even watches the end results of his work in an HMD.  Other than that recurrent technical slop, this was a decent movie,  Alex Harper was a treat for the eyes and I wouldn't mind seeing more of her in the future.  7.5/10 on tech.

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"A Hole Lotta Love" from Naughty America VR!

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