A CzechVR Movie Review: Amateur Kari #34

Kari at Czech VR 034

Kari #34 From Czech VR

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

Review Score 3/10

"Kari 34"

Its mid March 2016 and Czech VR have just released a new hardcore video starring a gal by the name of Kari.  I would normally elaborate a little here, but I can't say Czech VR really gives me much to work with given their awesome naming system!  Sheeesh!  At least give the girl a pornstar surname like Kari Lott or Kari Cummings...something! 🙂  But this is in keeping with the amateur vibe over at Czech Vr.

​This one is short and sweet at 13 mins and is set in a typical Czech VR hotel room.....these HAVE to be hotel rooms.  The room is vibrant and looks good in VR, but has a pretty tight quarters kind of feel to it. What you see in front of your, is one half of a motel room essentially.

Meet Kari

Things get started with you laying on the bed and your girl Kari is in front of you.  She climbs right up and kneels between your legs and begins rubbing her tits somewhat awkwardly.  Kari is super thin and tiny, with beautiful eyes, a mini Kirk Douglas chin dimple, and an fairly amateur vibe to her. 

CzechVR Kari purple room

The scale here is distorted a bit to the small side on an Oculus DK2 with Whirligig and is not terribly complimentary to skinny gals.  The audio in this section, as in many Czech VR releases, is pretty bad, with the compression being dialed up producing an audible hiss that makes things fairly irritating to listen to during the first few minutes of the video.

Back to the Action

For the next couple minutes you get a look at Kari's top side while she rubs her boobs, and the whole thing is pretty flat and not particularly sexy.  And I don't mean her chest!  I can appreciate a skinny gal and dig em!  This is just not a particularly inspired performance here.

CzechVR Kari suck

That's about as far as Kari goes down

Kari moves off to the side and gives you some oral attention but she is one of those girls that will drive you nuts as she is a tip sucker with the occasional licks thrown in, not one of those cock worshipers that sucks you as far as she can take you and it is almost as lame to watch as receive.  It is the equivalent of a guy going down on a girl and just licking her clit.  Make it a meal, not a snack!

​VR Porn by Numbers

From here it is a largely uninspired cruise to the end of the video, and you have pretty much seen it before if you have been watching VR Porn at all.  Forward facing cowgirl, followed by rear cowgirl, followed by cumshot, cut, print. 

CzechVR Kari Cowgirl

None of it is particularly hot, and between Kari doing a rhythmic moan that you could use as a metronome for 10 mins, and homie dumping a gnarly cottage cheese load on her chin, I was quite honestly happy the 13 mins was up and never broke a chub.

CzechVR Kari reverse cowgirl

There is a brief from behind fingering section that is right in your face, but it was marred by distortion issues for me and mini scaling with fingers and pussy.

I would only recommend this one for those that REALLY dig Kari...a lot.  And in that case I would probably just recommend her solo video. Or those that don't mind bad audio and a pretty stale, seen it before and better VR porn scene.  If you have a sub, by all means, but I would not go out of my way to grab this one.  3/10.  And no paper towels.  Find our full Czech VR Review and Ranking here.  Don't let this review scare you off, Czech VR has some amazing titles heading towards the end of 2016, and have come a long way since this production, which I think, got our worst review evar! 🙂

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