Mia Malkova is Spectacular in VR! “I Have A Wife” from Naughty America!

Mia Malkova your daughter's friend

"I Have a Wife" with Mia Malkova: A Naughty America VR Classic Movie Review

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with Whirligig.

​Review Score 10/10

"I Have a Wife" from Naughty America VR

Our review today will be on I Have a Wife starring Mia Malkova from Naughty America VR.  I Have a Wife was one of Naughty America's first releases back in July 2015, and their 4th VR release overall, and remains one of my favorite NA videos to date.  As Mia Malkova has a ton of fans including moi, I figured I would review this gem.

This video clocks in at just under 29 minutes and is excellent in every respect, from lighting and audio, to scale and camera positioning.  Mia is a knockout and a treat to watch, so let's get crackin on this one!

Knock, Knock

The scene opens with you seated doing some mundane paperwork while Mia is outside your patio door, knocking on the window, trying to get your attention.  She grabs some baby oil and lubes up her amazing ass which she then proceeds to buff the glass with.  She disappears from view and the next thing you know, you hear her behind you, offering to give you a massage.

Mia Malkova walks in

Your first look at Mia

At this point Mia walks into frame and PAPOW! Mia looks spectacular and she instantly drops between your legs and leans in really close for the first of many intimate close ups . The VR effect is awesome here, and Mia's sexy doe eyes and natural talk are an immediate turn on.  Some girls can chat it up and sound hot as hell, some struggle.  Mia is the former and throughout this vid, she keeps the heat turned up with her dirty talk.

She starts to strip a bit and you get a really nice stripper grind in your lap along with your first close of view of her luscious ass.  Mia turns around and takes her top off showing off her sweet natural tits and and the next thing you know your pants are off and your cock is in her mouth.

Mia Malkova side view

Mia Malkova.......sigh

The oral section is fantastic with lots of nasty talk and tons of eye contact with Mia, who is working with everything she has on your cock.  There is a great shot next, that you get in many NA vids, and Mia hops up on the couch with you and sucks you off sideways, allowing you to finger her ass while she sucks your cock and tells you how much she loves that finger up her ass.  I love these profile shots that NA has done like this, they are up close and sexy.

​Sit Back and Relax

At 12 mins in, Mia comes up from your cock and tells you to sit back and let her do the work and it is boom chicka wha wha time. She mounts you cowgirl and yeehaw, she looks stellar.  Mia starts fucking really hard, which causes a bit of motion blur, but it looks great and you get amazing close ups of her breasts and face.

Mia Malkova Mounts up

Mia puts you inside

Mia tells you she wants to taste her pussy, and she is back on her knees sucking your dick like a champ.

Next, Mia mounts back up cowgirl, but leans back with table behind her to support her, and this is a great section and awesome view. She does not fuck around here and fucks you seriously hard and deep.

Mia Malkova lean back cowgirl

Nothing wrong with that picture

​My Lord, the View!

Next is some sweet reverse cowgirl, and this view of Mia's golden badunkadunk is unbeatable! /fryingpansizzle. You get some more super hot anal fingering and some amazing looks shot back over Mia's shoulder during this section as well.

Mia Malkova reverse cowgirl


Mia then wants it doggy, so you can "watch it go in and out of her pussy" and again, nothing but gold here matey.  She does all the work and she is totally into it.  Super sexy, as it is when she tastes her pussy off your dick again and starts telling you how she is going to swallow all your hot cum.

Mia Malkova cumshot

A nice load for Mia

​Killer Cumshot

Lots of eye contact, ball lickin and expert stroking here backed up with some stellar coaxing for your cum in her mouth.  Mia begs and begs for your load for a good minute or 2, and then takes your cum right in her open mouth.  She licks up every drop and leans in close to show your your load before swallowing it down with a smile.

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Mia's performance oozes sex the entire length of the video and if you are a fan of Mia Malkova already, and have not caught this one yet, you will be loving it. Would recommend to anyone as an awesome VR porn movie and one of my personal picks over at NA. 10/10.  Check out our full Naughty America VR Review.

"I Have a Wife" from Naughty America VR

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