Luna Star Returns to Naughty America VR in Yoga One on One! And Say Goodbye to Fisheye!

Yoga One on One Cover Naughty America VR

"Yoga One on One" Featuring Luna Star from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 9/10

"Yoga One On One"

Yoga One on One is a 40 minute September 3rd release from Naughty America VR featuring sexy Cuban Luna Star and also featuring a goodbye to Naughty America's long reviled fisheye setup!  From this release on, you will be able to run Naughty America in traditional barrel SBS formats on players and will no longer have to use a player that features the older dome SBS settings, though something like Whirligig will still be needed to view the older movies.   Sporting a new rig, new scale, new higher bitrate files, and the death of fisheye, Naughty America VR have made some changes that many will love over the last month or so and I was interested to see all these things come together in this movie.  I liked Luna Star's last scene at Naughty America— from a year ago already, hard to believe—and while that vid featured some REALLY heavy makeup and darker hair, Luna looks amazing here for my tastes rocking a much softer look.

1 Luna Star Naughty America VR

Sexy Luna Star

Your Yoga Instructor

The scene starts off with Luna coming into the room and immediately going into her lines as a yoga instructor, in kind of that rapid fire Latina kind of way, and there is pretty much no dead time, she just gets going doing some stretches and lots of talking about yoga.

2 Luna Star

See through pants

Stretch out

Luna is wearing some nice blue see-through yoga pants with a tight pink top, and she has an amazing body that was good to see in smaller scale here than the feature from one year back.  After 5 minutes or so of poses and stretching from Luna, you switch to a lying down position on the floor and Luna begins to help you stretch out a bit while giving you some up close views and getting into a few more poses for you.

3 Naughty America VR Luna Star

"Strip yoga?"

Strip Yoga?

Luna then notices that you are rocking wood and after talking about the notion of some strip yoga with you, she agrees to start out with some oil at first.  Overall, the 9 minutes of intro is pretty good if you have a thing for watching girls stretch/ the yoga vibe and Luna does a great job with the dialog. I was about ready for some naked ass at this point and added oil sounded good to me.

4 Luna Star Yoga One on One

Ass+Oil=Happy Me

Oil up dat ass

Luna ditches the stretch pants next, mounts your chest ass first and starts to drizzle oil on her amazing booty while giving you a nice rubdown with it, and there is quite a bit of close up ass action here, right up to the point of contact with the camera.  I am pretty much a sucker for oil on asses, and I think it works really well in VR also with the added highlights improving the fairly weak image we get.

5 Yoga one on one

Could do without the hands myself

Up close dude hands

You get some point blank views of Luna's pussy and ass here, that are unfortunately crowded a bit by super close man hands ala Wankz for around 45 seconds, and I could have done without those right in my face but otherwise, hands are not too bad in this movie.

6 Yoga One On One Naughty America vr

Luna Star can suck a cock

Serious Cocksucker

Luna raises her ass up in the air so you can watch her suck your dick below, and she pretty much gets serious about sucking your cock off here with some amazing technique and occasional deepthroating.

7 Luna Star Virtual Reality

All the way down

Solid Kisses

Luna leans in for the first of several kisses here, and all of them land pretty close to dead on and felt pretty solid in this movie.

8 Luna Star Oil

Lots of oil

You say you like big titties?

The titties come out next, as well as more oil, and Luna has a great looking rack which she massages in front of you before sliding her pussy up in front of your face for some oiled up fingering.

9 Luna Star VR

Just the tip

Some oily pregrinding between Luna's asscheeks and the proper fucking begins around 19 minutes into the movie featuring some sweet cowgirl action, with Luna spending time to work just the tip of your cock in her pussy, as well as full, deep strokes.

10 Yoga One On One Luna Star

Reverse cow follows, along with some seldom seen tasty side saddle fucking before Luna breaks out the Yoga Ball and you get some Yoga Ball doggie action.

11 Luna Star Virtual Fuck


Yoga ball doggie

The perspective here feels good, and while there are some hands in the scene, it is more to keep Luna from rolling away from you while you pound the shit out of her on the ball than groping type hands.  If you enjoy a Latina that knows how to move her ass and work her hips, you will probably love all the fucking in this movie.

12 Luna Star Naughty America VR Yoga

Some nice Yoga ball action

A bit of fairly sketchy don't-slip-with-my-dick-in-your-mouth yoga ball oral in next before the next position and my favorite I think here, Yoga ball missionary.

14 Luna Star

Liked the Yoga ball missionary

The perspective for these shots just worked for me, and Luna looks great below you on the ball begging for your cum while bouncing and rolling around on a couple of yoga balls.

15 Virtual sex Luna Star

Luna strokes you off

Great cumshot

The final moments of the scene are spent in laying down cowgirl while Luna fucks the shit out of you for a minute, followed up by a dual fisted oiled up jerkoff to completion amazing cumshot where Luna first sucks half your load and then hops back on and jerks and milks the rest out inside of her pussy for a cum all over and in that shit ending.

Nice scene for Luna Star Fans 9/10

So the first Naughty America VR feature without fisheye looks great, scale appears fine and Luna Star certainly looks amazing here.  This scene should tickle the fancy of those who enjoy the Yoga type fuck scene and I thought the balls in particular, were a great prop, making for some nice doggie and missionary action.  I also always welcome the inclusion of a bit of oil to glisten things up a bit and that was another highlight for me.   My only complaint would be the super up close man hands for about 45 seconds, but other than that, no gripes here with the scene or the tech.  Yoga One on One is a solid choice for fans of Luna Star, oil, Latina's, Yoga themes, big ole titties and Luna turns in a really enthusiastic performance that was fun to watch capped by a memorable pop shot. 9/10.  View our full Naughty America VR review.

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"Yoga One On One" from Naughty America VR

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