WankzVR Readies to Reboot with New, Properly Scaled Content in May 2016!

dirty bartenders wankz vr

WankzVR Releases the last of it's Flawed Content (we hope!)

Review by DirtyD

WankzVR Reboot

With the latest release of Dirty Bartenders featuring Dallas Black and Katrina Jade, WankzVR have finally come to the end of their current stockpile of the first 23 movies they attempted to shoot for virtual reality.  Unfortunately, due to fundamental flaws with their first camera rig, this entire early batch of movies from Wankz VR was only fit for those that enjoyed watching Virtual Reality Porn at miniature scale, and acted as a substantial tease for those of us that were otherwise really excited about the basic content WankzVR was shooting.

piper perri wankzvr

Piper Perri

Aspen Ora WankzVR

Aspen Ora

Solid Scenes.....But Not Soooo Much in VR

It was clear from this first batch of half baked cookies, that WankzVR is definitely capable of shooting quality porn scenes with amazing talent, but it was also clear, they were not up to the task of shooting these otherwise great porn scene for virtual reality quite yet.  How 23, count em....TWENTY THREE movies wound up in production and que for release before the issue of scale was caught?  We can only wonder there, and be glad it was not our investment capital involved with that snafu, but there are assurances from WankzVR via sources like Reddit, that they have solved this problem and that current edits of the new material they have shot recently are looking good.

Charlotte Stokely April Brookes WankzVR

Charlotte Stokely, April Brookes

jessa rhodes madelyn monroe wankzvr

Jessa Rhodes, Madelyn Monroe

I am definitely excited for the new May releases from Wankz, as the movies I did watch in April were pretty much awesome, beyond the scale, fps, and other technical issues. The movies and starlets themselves were top notch, Aspen Ora's awesome performance in Spring Break AnalRiley Reids sexy shoot in My Sisters Friend and Alaina Dawson and Melissa Moore's jail bait girl scout scene were all really solid, while Sophia Grace in Relaxing Anal was also a highlight for me.

Casey Calvert WankzVR

Casey Calvert

Alaina Dawson, Melissa Moore WankzVR

Alaina Dawson, Melissa Moore

Some Serious Starlets

The bevy of talent rolled out in April is fairly staggering with Jessa Rhodes, Katrina Jade, Piper Perri and Casey Calvert all making appearances, and we can only /sigh when confronted with 23 movies and those girls,... that are pretty much unwatchable, even for the hardcore fans.  In fact, I just stopped downloading them, it was too much of a tease, just hottie after hottie...miniaturized to the point of being creepy on multiple levels!

We love the website, the girls, the awesome length of the movies, and the high production values of the sets and extra time given to plot (I know, but it can work a bit in VR) and I know many were stoked to see some cosplay in scenes like SuperHero Battle, Slutty Nurses and Earning Badges.

Katrina Jade, Dallas Black WankzVR

Katrina Jade, Dallas Black

MOT for WankzVR

I feel like if WankzVR can release some solid titles in the next few weeks, they are going to do some brisk business, as HoloGirls sputters along with technical issues and experimental formats, and Naughty America remains the only other really viable option for U.S. VR Porn at the moment.  Wankz is poised to capture that U.S. segment that is waiting for American starlets they already know and fap to, to come to VR.  

​I grabbed a sub last month and am just going to let it ride, as I feel like this one could be worth the roll of the dice. The one thing you can say, is that all 23 of WankzVR's previous releases have been CONSISTENT in quality.  It has just not been good VR QUALITY.  But it is obvious, that many of the other basic issues with porn production have been worked out and that a possible rig switch here could make all the difference in making WankzVR come to life. They are already doing everything else right, if we can get it at proper world scale and 60 fps, this could be an interesting month ahead for us all.

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