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VRCosplayX Site Details

VRCosplayX from BaDoinkVR

From BaDoinkVR comes VRCosplayX, the first VR porn site dedicated to cosplay!  

If you are looking for a break from standard virtual porn or have a horny inner dork with a thing for gaming and comics, then VRCosplayX may fill the gap nicely with an original take on VR porn in 2017.

Having launched late in 2016, VRCosplayX now have 57 movies available for download in early 2018 and have had little in the way of hiccups since hitting the scene late last year. ​

High quality tech

​Featuring high quality tech and a solid level of sets and costuming in the context of porn, VRCosplayX offers mix of sex and setting making for some fun movies to watch in the VR headset.

Expect elements like nicely done splash screens on the intros, musical entrances, occasional special effects, and top clarity in both video and audio.​ (This clarity in both video and audio was lacking at times in 17')

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Top Talent

VRCosplayX feature some great talent from both the United States as well European VR stars making for a well rounded roster of women.  

From sexy Brits Stella Cox and Carly Rae to well known American girls like Jessa Rhodes and Anna Bell Peaks, VRCosplayX offer the best of both regions.

Decent Cosplay

I am not full on into the genre myself as some hc's are, so I cannot really grade on that scale, only as a viewer familiar with probably half of the references right off the bat, but for me, there seems a nice effort on costuming, some of which they are hand crafting and it is deep enough in most cases to elevate it a bit over a standard VR porn movie.

There is also at least an attempt at a setting made which goes a ways in my book to creating some sort of fantasy mood, even just a live fire crackling away behind the girl while fucking helps to set a vibe, so I appreciate all those touches as well. It is fun to be in cool little virtual environments in the HMD. 

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VRCosplayX Review

Updated for February 2018

1. Number of Movies: There are 61 movies for download at VRCosplayX as of the first week of February 2018, with an average runtime of 30-45 minutes each.  5/5

2. Sub Pricing:  Standard sub pricing at VRCosplayx is $24.95/month, $71.40 for the annual and a 1 Day,1 movie download $1.00 trial is also offered. $14.95 for first month discount available through our links. Like parent company BaDoinkVR, I think the monthly at one release a week is 5 or 10 bucks too high in the market, where the $5.95/mo annual offers the best value at VRCosplayX and is right in line with other competing studios, other than the 1x a week release schedule.   5/5

3. Frequency of Updates: VRCosplayX currently updates once a week, typically on Fridays.   3/5

4. Variety of Pornstars:   With only 57 movies at the moment, VRCosplayX do not have the sheer numbers of movies for variety of talent, but make up for this by shooting on both sides of the pond, so there is a great mix so far of awesome ladies from both Spain/EU and the United States such as Stella Cox, Jessa Rhodes, Dani Jensen, Alexa Tomas, Abella Danger, Carly Rae, Blondie Fesser, as well as Anna Bell Peaks only VR feature to date.  5/5

5. Variety/Kink/Niche:  Pretty vanilla, other than the cosplay niche element, which is the main focus anyway.  There is a nice Female PoV movie with Abella Danger and Karlee Grey. 3 out of 5 for catering to the cosplay niche exclusively.  3/5

6. Tech:  Early VRCosplayX movies have some of the better tech in VR porn. The rig looks very nice, similar in quality to home site BaDoinkVR's rig, and other elements such as audio are typically above average for the industry.  Lighting is generally well done, and image quality on the movies overall is toward the very top in early 2017.

Scale seems to be rather well accepted among viewers, and is fine for my eyes.  As well, the tech on the editing side with slick opening graphics and occasional genuine special effects employed are really fun to see as extra eye candy in VR, such as the apparition effect in Harry Pudder. Tech is a strong point in my eyes at the start for VRCosplayX.  4/5.

  • Tech, both audio and video took a step back at VRCosplayX this year so dropping this score to a 4/5.  

7. Production:  Production at VRCosplayX is similar to BaDoinkVR's production, and in that regard, I don't think BaDoinkVR has ever been known for nailing great PoV's in VR, so there is some hit and miss in that department as well as the affinity for flat on back cowgirl shots. One of the things they do do differently than most at the moment is to tilt the rig up for those shots at least, providing a much better effect than the stock 90 degrees straight down the chest angle generally used.  

I would rate the VR specific production so far at VRCosplayX for the movies I have seen at around average for the industry, I am not sure if there are possibly 2 crews, one in U.S., one in Spain. PoV's would be the weak point in my estimation, all other elements are stylish and typically well done and polished on production. 3/5

8. Searchability: The 4 page VRCosplayX website layout is not bad and easy to navigate, with the recent addition of some category and menu searches. 4/5

9.  Extras/Networks:  Not a whole lot in this department.  No added sites or trailers.  1/5

10.  Download Speed:  As of October 3rd, 2017 ripping pretty fast at 25 minutes for a 7 gig file and speeds have been generally above average for me over the year. Same speeds at the end of November.  5/5

VRCosplayX Review Score


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  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Carboard, Playstation VR, Daydream View and other headset format files available.
  • 61 Movies for download as of February 2018
  • Streaming available
  • The only VR site dedicated to cosplay
  • Shooting both U.S. and European talent
  • From BaDoinkVR, featuring the same advanced image quality they are known for.  *Image quality took a dive at both BaDoinkVR and VRCosplayX in 2017 as they moved to more competitive camera setups in terms of getting PoVs.
  • Some of the stronger tech and audio quality in VR currently. *More in the early area of the catalog, the audio and video both took a step back in 2017 at BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX. 
  • Cool extra shit like fully decent for porn special effects, credit rolls, set pieces and things that make a VR Porn movie just a little cooler to watch right now with the stripped productions we often get. 
  • Winter 2017:  I have enjoyed many of the VRCosplayX titles I have watched this year. The main shortcomings are PoV's in my estimation at VRCosplayX similar to BaDoinkVR where you see some odd camera setups, angles and distances to virtual dick in many movies from 2017.  Other than that and some bad audio, things have been pretty solid for 2017.
  • Watch out for popups and cross sells during signup- standard porno stuff
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Check out a few samples below from VRCosplayX

VR Production Varies

If there is a weakness at VRCosplayX, I would say it is would be some lackluster PoV's, very similar to BaDoinkVR, and things like some of the movies that feature predominantly flat on your back cowgirl riding.   

This seems to vary a bit and could possibly be caused by more than one production crew working in both the U.S. and abroad, but I am just speculating here. 

Things to watch out for

Badoink have started cross selling BaDoinkVR subs via popups on the website, so just make sure you are closing out any popups or declining any cross sell offers you don't want when signing up or clicking on the website after subbed, as I believe they are one click unlocks if you accept the offer similar to Naughty America. 

As well, the VRCosplayX billing form clearly states "VRCosplayX" at the top so you know what site you are signing up for. 

All VRCosplayX Video Trailers available in our Preview Section

Worth a one month

I would say VRCosplayX is certainly worth a one month cherry pick sub at this point, as there are some good movies in the catalog already and the one day trail also offers a way to check out a full feature on the cheap.

I like the extra entertainment factor and production values in the more traditional sense of video production that feels fresh when seen in early VR porn,  and the casting up to this point has been pretty solid with a nice variety of high profile talent.​

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