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VirtualRealPorn Review

Updated December 2016


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  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Carboard and many other headset formats supported.
  • Over 168 VR Porn movies and counting!  Free Trailers! Bi- Weekly Updates.  Download Everything!  The oldest name in VR porn!
  • With a super cheap trial membership, it is hard to go wrong at VRP!  The originators of VR porn. 
  • Also available, Shemale VR at VirtualRealTrans and Gay VR at VirtualRealGay.

2.95€/2 Days, 5.95€ /15 Days

29.95€ for 90 Days, 89.95€ for 1 Yr

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VirtualRealPorn Review

Updated for December, 2016

  1. Number of Movies:  VRP rules the roost here along with Czech VR with 168 movies available for download as December 1, 2016, they have almost double the amount of movies that most of the closest competitors have. We would categorize the first dozen or so as very early beta versions of VR porn and not really up to standards, but cool retro clips.   5/5
  2. Subscription Pricing:  Great pricing models at VRP with an awesome 5.95€ 15 day trial to introduce you to their movies as well as very competitive 3 month and 1 year tiers.   Generally a very cheap 2 day offer going also.  5/5
  3. Variety of Pornstars:  We give VRP 5/5 stars due to the sheer number of different girls on the site at this point.  As far as actual variety, you will find most to be in the under 30, petite range, often of Spanish or European descent.   There are some well known VR stars such as Amirah Adara, Misha Cross, Carolina Abril and Sienna Day that make appearances in many VRP titles, so if you like any of those girls, then there is quite a bit of great content right there alone.  Overall, the girls have a nice natural vibe, more on the amateur side, then crusty seasoned vet, and the accents can either be hot or just comical sometimes, as they try to make out their English lines......."You like tha poooceee?"  Overall, its fresh in vibe and I dig the girls.  Everyone seems like they are having a good time.
  4. Variety/Kinky stuff/Niche:  We give VRP a 4/5 here.   For the backdoor lovers, there are currently at least 17 anal videos with The Housemaid, Personal Trainer and Owners Daughter being personal favorites and no one surpasses VRP on Anal content right now.  Otherwise, there are some solos with dildo action, some female POV shoots, and some good girl on girl action vids as well as a pee vid and even some facesitting.  For gay vr and tranny action, VRP has VirtualRealGay and VirtualRealTrans to offer on separate sites with industry shemale stars such as Venus Lux.  We would give them a 5 here if gay and tranny content was not a separate membership than VRP proper.
  5. Searchability:  5/5, VRP have the most robust search menu in VR porn, as their library is actually big enough to support a mega menu!  Search by star, genre and more, it is an easy webby to navigate.
  6. Scale/Distortion Issues:  We rock an Oculus DK2 and use VRP's player software.    Newer titles rarely require any tweaking, some of the older files can be a bit small for me and require adjustment of the stereo separation with something like MaxVR.  4/5 
    • End of June Update on VRP scale:  VirtualRealPorn have made some adjustments to their recent shoots, and the overall impression from most, is that the scale is larger.  We are personally hoping that this changes in future releases.  It is mainly due to trying to get the camera closer up to the girls, but it results in the camera being kind of in the middle of the male chest in many scenes right now and a larger scale.   As of August 1, this is still present in newer VRP releases.
    • October and November releases have seen some work done on both image clarity and scale, and things have been looking a bit better at the end of November on some newer movies.
  7. Frequency of Updates:  Solid bi-weekly updates. 5/5
  8. Extras/Network:  2/5 here.  Pretty much free trailers and newer interview clips.   A half dozen high quality photos with each video release.  Also a few entirely free movies are available, some compilation style.
  9. Overall Immersion/VR Sense:  When they get everything right in terms of distance, scale and girl that knows how to work a VR cam setup, the results can be holy fuckworthy!  VRP offers some of the most immersive VR porn experiences to be had currently.   I just wouldn't expect it on every single release, and that is fine for me, some movies just have some really great moments, while suffering from some minor flaws usually revolving around distance or scale issues.   Overall, 4/5.
  10. Download Speed:  4/5 for us, about middle of the road to strong for porn downloads.  VRP has seemed to have made some improvement in this department  of late. 

VirtualRealPorn Review Score

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