The Best Virtual Sex Sites Ranked for Spring 2016

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The Best Virtual Sex Sites for Spring 2016

     Spring is upon us, and my what a year has made in the VR porn landscape!  Where this time last year, there were only a handful of companies releasing virtual reality porn, primarily for early Oculus Rift dev. kit adopters, this year finds the field filling up with several new and exciting studios.  Joining the scene within the last 6 months, studios such as Virtual Taboo, KinkVR and HoloGirlsVR are pushing the bounds of virtual porn and furthering the type of content that is available.  This is adding nicely to the options that we have already enjoyed over the last year for checking out some of the best virtual sex available online.

*Updated: View our current 2016 VR Sex Website Review page and VR End of Summer Wrap-Up.  Things have changed substantially in Virtual Reality Porn since this was posted in the Spring and our main page is updated monthly!*

VR Porn Gains Momentum

​     This year, in contrast to last, really feels like the whole VR thing in general is about to FINALLY gain some serious momentum and it feels like we are all on the cusp of a new dawn with consumer grade VR sets from Oculus and Vive only months off now from actual release and finally tangible.

​VR Porn in particular is starting to gather some serious steam, even at the early adopter level and it will be really interesting to see how many companies are releasing VR porn videos by this time next year, with more major porn studios bound to be breaking into this emerging new territory. 

March finds us with many great options for some virtual fappage, so let's take a look at our current list of the best virtual sex sites around in early 2016. You can find further in depth reviews, pictures and details on each of these sites by clicking through the review links.

VirtualRealPorn & BaDoinkVR

At number 1, and a close 2nd, we have VirtualRealPorn and BadoinkVR.    VRP & BaDoinkVR are the oldest names in VR Porn and both feature extensive libraries at this point, with many movies available for download.  Both sites ​feature some amazing looking VR talent and both studios have typically high production values, with BaDoinkVR featuring some of the nicest sets around.

​Both feature European pornstars with many of Spanish heritage and for my western sensibilities with regard to porn, a nice change of pace.

Naughty America VR and CzechVR

At a close 3rd and 4th, we rank Naughty AmericaVR and Czech VR.   Both have around an equal number of movies available while catering to two different crowds.   If you are looking for the best  MILF virtual sex, than NA is probably your best bet at the moment, with many older gals sporting bolt on's such as house favorite Julia Ann. 

If in the other hand, you prefer your pornstars on the amateur side, than Czech VR has that in spades.  With  over 30 movies featuring all shapes and sizes of Czech amateurs,  ​Czech VR is sure to have something to float your boat.  Production values are a bit more lo-fi at CzechVR and they are not as polished as the higher ranked studios.  Regardless, Czech VR is a current fan favorite among VR porn enthusiasts.

KinkVR, Virtual Taboo & HoloGirlsVR

​Rounding out our list in the 5-7 spots are relative upstarts KinkVR, Virtual Taboo and HoloGirlsVR.  KinkVR is an offshoot of the popular network of high quality niche sites, and the KinkVR beta content is a sampling of many of the niche sites on Kink's roster.  From fetish to tranny and gay porn, KinkVR has a virtual sex clip to  blow you mind, and though they only have a dozen or so videos up at the moment, what is there is currently free and of excellent quality, though we would expect them to go to a subscription model before too much longer.

In at number 6 is Virtual Taboo, who have just started releasing movies this year, and already have some great titles up featuring VR porn favorites like Blondie Fesser.  Virtual Taboo offer some really interesting shots, many in 3rd person POV, and their movies are some of the longest available with some breaking the 40 min threshold. ​

Last, but certainly not least, we have HoloGirlsVR.  HoloGirlsVR is a very interesting studio, working with top notch American industry talent, and mixing in some very innovative filming techniques, many featuring a voyeur/ fly on the wall point of view.   HoloGirls are currently in what we would call an advanced Beta stage with their movies, with some having technical issues such as visible stitching that they are still working on, but they offer free previews, and if you like what you see there, you can always drop on a sub for the full vids.

Spring Wrap-up

That makes up the list of all of the best websites for VR XXX we know about as of Spring 2016, but this year is sure to see an explosion of websites and studios releasing new VR porn as consumer headsets become widely available and demand for this type of content increases.   We are really stoked to watch things develop and expand over the next year, and are looking forward to enjoying much more content from these established providers.  ​ Stay tuned for our summer list and check our individual website reviews, which are updated once a month to reflect our current rankings!

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