Real Teens VR | Kylie Page in: If This is Where Things are Headed at RTVR…I’m on Board!

Real Teens VR:  Presenting Kylie Page!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

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Kylie Page VR

We will be taking a look at the new 37 minute, July 8th release from Real Teens VR featuring Kylie Page for our review today.  Not having seen Kylie before, I clicked the download without knowing much else this time.  And I have to say up front, this one has some great fucking moments in it, and if this is some of the sauce Naughty America is planning on sprinkling on at RealTeensVR, I have a feeling we will be getting some winners here!

Noisy opening!

Okay, the scene opens, and it is a low shot, and, as it was in the Lucy Doll movie, Kylie is initially pretty fucking huge from the first camera angle. But don't sweat that.  Next....Kylie is rocking some 5" clodhoppers on laminate flooring, and it is fucking LOUD! lol.  Anyone that knows the sound of laminate flooring flexing, compounded by heavy heals, knows what I am talking about here.  HoloGirlsVR have made this mistake in a few facesitting videos, and being an old audio engineer, stuff like this just makes me shake my head that the sound guy didn't go "hang on, this is bad".  It kind of sounds like really loud popcorn going off as she shifts her weight around on those heels.

Kylie Page VR Real Teens

Lots of nice close ups with Kylie in the opening section

Second shot is much better at ass level

Other than the first shot and the noise just gets better and better from here.  You start out viewing Kylie upwards from about knee level or lower, so she looks pretty giant there, but the next shot is about ass high, and looks much better and when you get some really nice up close titty action, scale feels pretty good.

RealTeensVR Kylie Page

Kylie's lovely lady lumps

No talking, but still sexy

These openers are a little weird, in that in all 4 movies I have seen thus far, the girls remain completely silent, and it might be nice to even have some porno jams to fill the sound gap a bit while you watch the solo sections, I dunno, they have all felt really quiet to for me.   But otherwise, they yield some great up close sequences and I enjoy this difference with RealTeensVR movies so far, having a solo section followed up by the sexins later in the movie as a main feature of every release.

The first section is about 5 minutes long, and offers some fantastic views of Kylie as she shows off everything she has at very close range and she also has some beautiful eyes that grab your attention for the duration of the entire scene.  Overall, I liked it beyond the clickity clackity and first calf level shot and I was wanting to see more of Kylie in the next section.

Onto the bed

The scene next changes to a bedroom set up, and I found the production value on this set to be a bit richer than the Elsa Jean and Lucy Doll sets, so good to see there.   The JoJo Kiss scene also featured a nice outdoors setting.

RealTeensVR Movie Review


Really pretty up close

Kylie looks pretty amazing here and lighting is evenly balanced, with the pink/purple bedding providing a nice bit of contrast to put Kylie against as she leans back and asks you "would you like to see my little pussy?"

Kylie Page

Fair amount of facial close ups like this one

Stunt dick warps in and instead of dropping down as is customary, Kylie comes in for the first of MANY amazing close ups of her face in this movie and lots of guys will be pleased about this feature.   There is but one kiss later on, but it is a really hot one.

RealTeensVR Virtual Porn

Depth on this shot seemed pretty right on for me

I wanna taste your cock

Kylie drops down for some sucking and distance to dick felt pretty good for me here in terms of perspective.  It made for a pretty satisfactory oral section, and I like looking down, as opposed to looking across the bed kind of thing, as long as the camera is not too tall.  Not much time is spent here, which is just as well and all the cocksucking in the movie serves more as transitional, than sitting on the shot for 3 minutes, which is good from my view.

Super cowgirl section

Kylie next hops up for some serious holy shit close cowgirl,... her titties are so close here, that you cannot see below them and that is PERFECT!  I personally felt a little ticklish in my chest as the proximity triggers were in full effect and you just feel embraced by these luscious tittays, while you are able to gaze closely at Kylie's face.  I seriously rank this as an all time VR Porn cowgirl scene so far.  It is exactly what many viewers have been asking for, you cant get it any closer, and you never care that you can't see your cock anymore. For those that love this up close, in your face cowgirl, you simply are not going to find many better scenes than this one right now, it is fucking solid and it is almost 4 minutes of the movie!

Kylie Page RealTeensVR VR Porn

Standard doggie...

I want you to fuck me from behind

After dropping down to suck your cock for a few seconds, Kylie assumes doggie position so you can nail her from behind, and initially, it is a pretty standard, bit too high, too far, Naughty America style doggie shot.  Kylie looks great down below, staring back at you with those Mia Malkova like doe eyes, but, after the immediacy of the previous section, you are kind of longing to be in close again here.

Kylie Page Virtual Reality

Improved doggie!

Lean up doggie......Yus!

But then Kylie does something we don't see a whole lot of in VR doggie, and that is, she raises up, and fuck yes!  The doggie shot is interesting again!  We need more of that shit producers.  Doggie takes your vantage point to almost the limit of effective HMD distance, or 4 feet or so.  By having the girl raise back like this, it brings her back into the action, and I was super stoked on this inclusion.  It comes off really sexy.  It is small shit like this that makes the difference.  It is a really, really effective shot with Kylie leaning up and back like that, telling you how much she loves your dick.  All of a sudden, the doggie shot, just really came back to life for me.

Kylie Page VR

All the cowgirl is really nice

Lets get it hot in here

Camera position changes to laying down on the bed, and after a brief close up pussy and ass show, Kylie hops on for some more cowgirl, and it is about this point in the movie, this girl starts to sweat, and by the end....oh fuck...the closeups of her sweaty face, I mean SWEATY,  just add to the heat of the scene.  Kylie looks really sexy.  This is not a cold cowgirl ride here, and there is a whole lot o' tit in ya face and the section at the end where Kylie leans in close for a sweaty-as-fuck kiss....Gold.

Kylie Page Sweat

Kylie works up a serious sweat! Time for a smootch

RealTeensVR Kylie Page Feature Movie

Reverse is about a minute long.  Sorry ass guys!

Short reverse cowgirl with bend n' suck

A quick bit of reverse cow is followed up by the bend over in-yo-face-n-suck move, and into the final missionary position that might feel a bit far, compared to the rest of the scene. 

Kylie Page VR Movie

Kylie cleans up a bit

One last amazing closeup

You finish up dumping your load on Kylie's stomach below and Kylie then scoops up the cum into her mouth and comes in close, for more swallow than play, and you get one more amazing close up of her sweaty, glittery face before the scene winds down.  

Kylie Page Review two

One last close up of beautiful Kylie afterwards

Fuck yes!

So fuck ya!  This one was pretty fuckin hot, I thought.  Other than the Nicole Aniston video from Naughty America on the 4th, I would have to rate this as Naughty America's / RealTeensVR's most intimate movie.  There is not as much kissing as in the Aniston scene, but that is made up for by some intense cowgirl, a doggie shot where Kylie raises up to meet you, and a couple of pints of sweat!  By the end of the movie, I was finding Kylie super sexy and couldn't get enough of looking into her eyes, and overall, I would say this one was pretty fucking effective in VR.   I think those that already enjoy or can live with Naughty America Scale on their devices, are going to love it.  Other than the low opening shot, scale was really good for me, and I would say a bit less than the typical NA scale, she never felt big to me the entire movie. 10/10.  I don't know what to complain of in this one other than the clack clack noises in the opening segment. You won't be thinking about those long though looking at Kylie Page in VR, I can guarantee you that!  You can find our full Real Teens VR Review here.

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Kylie Page VR from Real Teens VR

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