Reality Lovers Review

Reality Lovers Review

Updated January 2018
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11/4/17: Notice - Reality Lovers has apparently switched to Pay Per Clip only on their website.  It appears at the moment, the only way to get a monthly sub, is through our discount link for instance which still unlocks the monthly subs, or by contacting customer service and requesting a monthly or other sub package so they have stated via reddit.  Alternately, you may be able to just cycle/refresh the billing page to get a monthly sub rate to eventually display?  Sounded like someone on reddit had it happen recently. 


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Number of Movies

Subscription Pricing 

Frequency of Updates

Variety of Pornstars

Variety/Kinky Stuff/Niche


VR Production



Download Speed

Quick Points

  • Oculus Rift, GearVR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive and more 
  • Claiming 264 Movies for download on the homepage as of January 2017.  I cannot verify this looking at the new website layout, and that number is oddly up quite a bit from my last count. 
  • Early movies have large scale, doubled 30fps, and image blur as main issues.  The early scenes were quite watchable, but the scale was gigantor. 
  • Now updating 2 times a week
  • Ladies like Kristy Black, Nikky Dream, Nicole Vice, Alexis Crystal, Carly Rae, Vanessa Decker and more! 
  • High quality production values on sets/locations, polished looking movies in terms of basic porn stuff
  • WARNINGS:  all early movies are large in world scale, some suffer from distortion up close and they were filmed at doubled 30fps.  Would not recommend for those for whom larger scale is an issue.  Otherwise,  I do not find doubled frames to be personally objectionable, and a minor issue for me.  Fixes to all are those early technical issues were made in mid-July, 2016.  
  • August 2016 update finds the latest release looking to have awesome scale, however, there was a significant blur issue that came with the new rig. 
  • September  and October 2016 updates are looking really solid which you may see previews for in our trailer section.   Everything newer than "Fire in Her Eyes" is solid on basic tech. 
  • Winter 2016 sees some nice looking productions from Reality Lovers with features like Asstastic Redhead and Cousin from Britain.
  • The latest productions have unveiled a moving cam they are starting to work with but this is nowhere on the level of say Czech VR's tech. 
  • Reality Lovers introduced both dual PoV presentations (PoV, Observer) as well as green screen backgrounds in the March 2017 updates. 
  • 6/2:  Reality Lovers have raised their prices today, killing the annual option and raising monthly and quarterly subs to a steep $29.99, and $69.99. 
  • November 2017:  Reality Lovers went to Pay Per Clip only.  You can contact customer service apparently to ask for other deals, or you can use our discount link below, which still unlocks the monthly rate sub page.  As well, you may be able to refresh cycle the billing page? Not 100% sure here. 
  • Current pricing is: $9.99 for 1 Video, $19.99 for 3 videos and $24.99 for 5 videos.  
  • Reality Lovers switched to a new homepage layout in December 2017, that seems to be almost universally reviled! Here's hoping they go back to a functional layout in 2018. 

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Reality Lovers Review

Updated for January 2018
  1. Number of movies:  5/5150 movies as of December 2017.  All the very early movies have larger than normal scale as well as other technical issues, with the line in the sand being about September 2016 on the most of the glaring problems. 
    • September 2016 Updates have seen fixes to all issues and quality of video is looking good over the past 2 releases.  October, November and December updates also looked great.
    • January 2018....the brand new website layout now says 264 movies on the homepage, which you can see is up a little from last months 150 count above, lol. /shrug. I am not digging through that awful homepage to find out whats up with the discrepancy, lol.  Maybe they added some 3rd party content? Not sure.
  2. Sub pricing:  1/5$19.99/mo, $49.99/3mo, & $119.99 6/2 update, now $29.99/mo, $69.99 a quarter, no annual option.  So this score is going from a 4 to a 1, as those price points are about the worst in VR currently.  You can save a bit off this steep rate with our readers discount above.   
    • As of November 2017, Reality Lovers have went to Pay Per Clip only. We are told our monthly discount should continue to access the monthly sub rates rather than the pay per clip page for those that prefer to sub.
  3. Update Frequency:  5/5.  Reality Lovers are updating twice a week
  4. Variety of Pornstars:  5/5.  Getting to be a nice variety of women, newer movies have featured well known European girls like Carly Rae, Vanessa Decker and Noemilk.  Reality Lovers recently shot some scenes in the US as well with Arya Fae and Bobbi Dylan. 
  5. Variety/Kink/Niche:   5/5. There is some decent variety at Reality Lovers with some anal movies, female POV, 3rd person point of view, as well as a couple of couples releases now with a movie feature from either sex's PoV.  Multiple PoV formats (observer,PoV) have been added in March as well as a greenscreen movie. 
  6. Tech:  3/5.  Tech has been mixed at Reality Lovers.  The early movies struggled with scale, fps, and distortion as major problems, followed up by a series of movies that were blurred after fixes were made to the first issues. Once things got going around September of 2016, the basic tech smoothed out and looks pretty good today in Summer 2017.  Reality Lovers have experimented with a basic moving rig that does not come close the the grace of Czech VR's moving setup, as well as experimenting with green screen backgrounds in 2017, to a rather meh effect for me.  Image quality on the rig looks pretty decent and audio is typically not bad at Reality Lovers. 
  7. VR Production:  2/5.  Production is pretty average at Reality Lovers on VR kind of specifics.  Amazing Content, the production company, is quite proficient in producing flat porn, but has struggled a bit to connect the dots with adult merging with virtual reality tech.  Distance and intimacy are typical weak points with production as are PoV's which can often feel like a cam stuck on a guys chest.....because, it is a cam, stuck on a guys chest.  Sometimes they will place the cam right on the guys dick. The closest I have come to sucking a dick in my life?  Watching a Reality Lovers movie, no joke :)  
  8. Searchability:  1/5.  Scroll pages, no tags.  The new site layout in January 2018, is currently abysmal. This will go to a zero if they don't revert it, lol. 
  9. Extras/Networks:  3/5.  Photo sets, Live previews, and voyeur versions for some of the movies added in late Winter 2017.
  10. Download Speed:  5/5.  Download speeds have been among the best for me and and continue to be month to month.  I have not tested in late 2017.
  11. Other stuff

    • Scaling/Distortion:  All the early movies at Reality Lovers are large scale, and perhaps the largest in the industry.  Fixes to scale have been implemented and new releases featuring corrections to scale hit in mid to late July 2016.  Early movies had also some issues with close up distortion.
    • October 2016 sees the major tech issues resolved for the most part.  
    • I have not been covering Reality Lovers movies since around the time of the price hikes this year in 2017. There are simply other studios I would sub to first for the talent and better VR production at the current price points and after a year, I got a little weary of production not really improving on the VR stuff.  Will keep tabs in the future, but giving them a break for awhile.

Reality Lovers Review Score


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