Kylie Page Featured in Naughty Bookworms from Naughty America VR!

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"Naughty Bookworms" Starring Kylie Page from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 8/10

"Naughty Bookworms"

Naughty Bookworms is a September 9th, 36 minute Naughty America VR release starring teen knockout Kylie Page .   Featuring Naughty America VR's new scale and new bit-rate, I was pretty much hopin for gold here after loving Kylie's scene at Real Teens VR awhile back, and with BaDoinkVR turning in a rather tepid Kylie JOI last week.   Kylie is just a stunner, and while I would not rate this one as high as the Real Teens VR feature on intimacy, she looks amazing in this scene, and despite a really, really weird camera perspective in the middle section, there were some hot n' worthy moments in Naughty Bookworms.

kylie page naughty bookworms

Sup with this D ?

"D"... for desks work great in VR!

Naughty Bookworms takes place in a classroom setting with you initialy seated behind a large teachers desk, and I am finding desks to be a pretty sweet prop in VR porn movies, such as in Casting Couch VR, allowing for some great close up shots and positions like standing missionary.

1 kylie page naughty bookworms

Kylie can be a bad girl

Kylie is not trying to hear about any failing grades

Kylie is none to happy about her grades and is demanding you do something to change them. She looks hot as fuck rocking a super sexy black & red schoolgirl getup and assures you that she can be a bad girl if you can help her out.  Dialog is passing with Kylie spending a bit of time glancing off to the side and some cuts being needed but things get where they need to go.

2 kylie page

Good lord


It's pretty much made clear, Kylie is willing to show you what a dirty girl she can be if you are willing to change her grades and she is soon up on the desk showing off her amazing titties.  I am an ass guy all day long, but titties like these could make me change over, as Kylie Page surely has a perfect set and you get some nice time with them here.

3 naughty bookworms naughty america

Active hands in first 15 minutes or so

Hands are pretty active up front with some guided action from Kylie and some fingering on your part in a couple sections, but pretty much absent the rest of the movie, so that is the score on man hands for those that care.  There is some comical slow motion zombie style hand movement as well.....stealth maybe? :)

4 naughty america kylie page
5 naughty america naughty bookworms

All ribs n pork

Around 10 minutes in, shit gets a bit weird, as you move to an on your back on the desk perspective, and the cam here, is about nipple level and REALLY low into your chest.  The resultant shot, is a lot of ribcage sticking up almost level with your eyes and it is honestly a pretty awful perspective that we unfortunately have to live with for quite a bit.

6 kylie page virtual

Like ribs?

This shot is off by a fair amount

The shot feels off quite a bit and I just measured my plane of view to nipple distance at about 11 inches.  And that is about what feels missing here, a good foot of depth, with the cam plane of view at about the nips on the male torso.

7 kylie page vr porn

Towering Cowgirl

Towering Cowgirl

This shot is doable for the extended sucking section, but once Kylie hops on for cow, it becomes absolutely laughable, with Kylie towering above you in an impossible perspective.  But you will have to wait a bit for that, as Kylie spends the next 8 mins or so sucking your shit in various states of alertness and letting you warm up the honey pot with some hard fingering.  So it is about 19 minutes in, before she hops on for the aforementioned, towering cowgirl.  To see Kylie's head here, you have to lean back your head as far as it can go and the pov is just unnatural feeling.

8 kylie page cowgirl

Seems a bit low...or a lot low

Was losing faith

The next 3 mins were a wash for me with the poor angle, and it improves only slightly for reverse cow, but winds up at least being more watchable in reverse and at 27 minutes in I was kind of beginning to worry about this one.  And then....

9 naughty america vr kylie

That's what I'm talkin about!

Really nice standing section

A cut finds Kylie laying back on the desk and you going in for standing missionary and this shit was worth the wait.  All of a sudden, some increased eye contact (well, for Kylie) and Kylie feels really present with a very nice camera perspective here.  This section is pretty great, I don't know how else to put it but the entire shot lit up more and half of that could be the switch to a dark background from the industrial ceiling view of before.

10 kylie page naughty bookworms

Loved this perspective

Great from behind action

Final shot of the movie is Kylie bending over the desk and you nailing her from behind, and this was my favorite perspective of the movie I think, being an ass guy.  If you like this type of position IRL, this section should really get it done for you, with an very natural feeling POV and sense of presence from Kylie in the shot.

11 naughty bookworms

Solid ending

Cumshot has bro wankin it, which always feels weird for me, but you feed Kylie a big load and she spends quite a bit of time afterward mopping up the cum from her chin and playing with it in her mouth, before swallowing it down.

Nice start, saggy middle and first rate ending. 8/10

To wrap it up, Naughty Bookworms was a pretty decent scene for Kylie Page fans I felt like.  While it lacked the intimacy of her scene at Real Teens VR in many respects for me, Kylie looked spectacular and the beginning and ending portions of the movie I quite enjoyed, with the last 10 minutes of standing action being my favorite.   For me, a bit too active on hands in the first third, but lots to like there for those that don't mind them.  The middle section wasn't really happenin for me on camera placement, and I was missing a  cowgirl ride but the last section was super strong, and the camera height and perspective combined for a solid from behind shot and sweet cumshot.   Everything else looked great on Naughty America's new tech, and Audio was fairly standout making for a nice scene with Kylie, and big thanks to NA for getting her twice now for us in VR!  8/10.  You can find our full Naughty America VR review here.

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"Naughty Bookworms" from Naughty America VR

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