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VR Porn From MilfVR!

MilfVR Site Details

New From The Leading VR Porn Studio WankzVR!

New from WankzVR in 2017, MilfVR! From the dirty minds at WankzVR comes a site tailored to hit outside of the WankzVR petite teen box they currently fill so well.

Rather than dilute that winning formula, WankzVR have done the smart thing and diversified their brand with first, free womens PoV movies released last year and now with the addition of the MilfVR website.

An Alternative to Naughty America for MILFage

With Naughty America being the only studio to really cater to MILF's in VR currently, MilfVR will offer an alternative to their production style for lovers of cougars and women that have come to know a thing or two about a thing or two.

Experience meets experience

With a production team that has shot a long list of VR classics at this point, and talent that has been around the set a time or ten, this combination should make for some strong features this year at MilfVR.  

Recent Image Improvements

MilfVR will enjoy the same tech upgrades that came to Wankz in February, which include a 60% increase in pixel density, improvements to dynamic lighting and an enhanced 3D effect that feels legitimately enhanced to me,  when viewing things like asscheeks or breasts which look somehow more full and soft now.  

Milf VR Review

Updated for May 2017

1. Number of Movies: MilfVR have 16 movies up as of May 1, 2017, all averaging around 50-55 minutes in length. ​ 1/5

2. Sub Pricing: Solid up the middle pricing for VR porn atm. 1 month = $19.99, 3 month = 39.95, Annual = 79.95 4.5/5 MilfVR monthly recurring discount of $14.95 available through our links.

3. Variety of Pornstars: It's MilfVR, so that kind of narrows it down, but I think we are probably being pretty generous as to what qualifies as MILF when looking at the initial group of girls. Early girls featured such as: Sarah Vandella, Cherie Deville, Marica Hase, Bridget B, Mercedes Carrera, Marie McCray and Aaliyah Love1/5

4. Variety/Kink/Niche:  MILF would be the main niche atm, but being WankzVR production, I am sure we will get all sorts of stuff sprinkled in with that base recipe.  1/5

5. Searchability:  Pretty much the same as WankzVR or quite good for most VR porn websites. Active niche tags and bios are provided for talent.  5/5

6. Scale/Distortion: The same tech quality you can find at WankzVR these days, or again, pretty solid for VR porn at the moment. WankzVR made improvements to pixel density, dynamic color and and improved 3D effect in February 2017, and the new productions have looked great. Some of the MilfVR initial releases filmed in February will straddle this period in WankzVR rig upgrades.  5/5.

7. Frequency of Updates:  MilfVR launches with 1x a week update schedule, but when you consider the average scene length at MilfVR is 50 minutes, this competes well with other studios that release a 10-15 minute solo followed by a 30 min B/G scene a week in terms of sheer content minutes.  3/5

8.  Extras/Networks:  Additional access to Wankz 2D HD 4K, Lethal Pass Network, Teen Girls, Best DVD Porn and, over 30 network sites, so it is probably the best network deal outside of Naughty America's for 2D porn.  Membership to MilfVR also grants access to the MilfVR/WankzVR forums.   5/5

9.  Overall Immersion/VR Stuff: WankzVR production shoots some of the most immersive content in VR in my book, so expect more of that full flavor at MilfVR.  5/5

10.  Download Speed:  Average to good for me.  4/5

  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Carboard and other headset formats supported.
  • Same award winning crew that shoots the movies at WankzVR
  • Active members forum where feedback is encouraged/ considered
  • MilfVR production is known for their creative setups and scenarios, a shooting style that lends itself to the strengths offered by VR instead of just shooting porn with a VR rig, and some of the most engaging productions being filmed for adult Virtual Reality in 2017. 
  • Exclusive content.  You will only find this production crews work on the WankzVR & MilfVR platforms.
  • Once a week updates, with movies that average around 50 minutes or so
  • Over 30 2D network sites included in membership
  • Other than the initial once a week update schedule, which is still competitive with say BaDoinkVR, if you like this type of content with slightly older girls than what is typically on the main WankzVR site or if you enjoy WankzVR content to begin with, this is probably going to be one of the better VR subs available in 2017.
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5/17/17 Update: MilfVR have lowered monthly subs to $14.95. I am leaving discount notices up until I find out if they are cutting us a new one, not trying to send you to a standard sub offer with a "discount" link :) I hate sites that do that shit!  

3DPornReviews Discount Available!

1 Month $19.95 $14.95 rebills @ $14.95 a month. Normal Price $19.95/month

Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin

MilfVR Review Score

WankzVR 2D HD 4K Included
wankzvr 2D HD 4k included
MilfVR / WankzVR Members forums
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​Billing for MilfVR currently accepts C.C., Paypal and Bitcoin and Wankz typically offers great customer service on billing issues via their active members forums.  If you have an issue, post about it and I have seen them reverse numerous billing issues or disputes in ticket responses posted to the forums during business days.  

Best Monthly Deal

Our -25% off monthly, permanent discount is the best discount that MilfVR offers for 3rd party websites.

Use the link below to get MilfVR for $14.95/mo, and rebill at the discounted price for as long as you choose to hold the sub.

See Our Full MilfVR Movie Preview Section: Click Here
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MilfVR Website Review


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