Kink VR Website Review

KinkVR Review

Updated February 1st, 2017

*January Update!  Holy shit, Kink VR is firing up it looks like finally!  No more free pron at KinkVR but looks like new content, new gear, etc is on the horizon for this year.  I love Kink VR as a studio so stoked on this news!  Will update as things progress!​ Sorry if you missed the 1 year free ride on Kink VR content!  

As of February 1st, a signup page has been added, that is basically a carbon copy of the HoloGirlsVR signup page.  At those sub rates, and the previously free BETA content, it will likely be a couple of months easy before I would recommend them, unless you really want the old stuff, which is great, but it is BETA. FULL on, early VR Porn, Beta content in terms of tech.  Our whole scored review will change this month, as Kink had not updated in 3/4 of a year,  so this only reflects the previously FREE content, and ranked according to that at the time in early 2016. 

KinkVR Logo
penny pax kink vr

From its KinkVR!

ella ariel kink vr
penny pax kink vr movie

Ariel X

Penny Pax

venus lux kink vr
madeline marlowe kinkvr

Venus Lux

Madeline Marlowe

ella nova anal dildo kink vr

Ella Nova


KinkVR Review Score:

Number of Movies

Subscription Pricing 

Variety of Pornstars

Variety/Kinky Stuff/Niche


Scale/Distortion Issues

Frequency of Updates


Overall Immersion/ VR Sense

Download Speed

  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Carboard and many other headset formats supported.
  •  KinkVR Beta now available for $free.nintyfree!  14 movies of all flavors and nastiness!  Top stars such as Penny Pax and anal queen, Ella Nova!  Straight, TS and Gay, KinkVR has it all, and its all dirty!  3rd person POV camera shots breaks the 1st person POV mold.  Speculum's, Insertions, Fisting.  Hardcore VR Porn!  *July update: KinkVR has not updated in quite some time...hard to say what is going on at KinkVR!
  • January 2017 Update:  KinkVR appears to be in gear to launch formally in conjunction with HoloGirlsVR this year.  There has been one new movie added to the KinkVR Beta catalog thus far.
  • KinkVR used to be closely associated with the network, but it appears that this will be it's own entity.
  • Will add more info during February as it becomes available

​No longer free as of January 17!

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The Girls of KinkVR!

Some of the hot girls over at KinkVR!  KinkVR also feature Gay and Tranny movies in VR as well!

madeline marlowe kink vr
penny pax anal kink vr
mistress marlowe kink vr
venus lux kinkvr tranny
ariel ella kinkvr strapon
penny pax kink vr oral
ella nova huge anal dildo kink vr
ella nova strapon kinkvr
penny pax cumshot kinkvr
penny pax tied kinkvr

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