JoJo Kiss & Sydney Cole Want You to Come On Over in “Cyber Sleepover” from Naughty America VR!

cyber sleepover jo jo kiss sydney cole naughty america vr

"Cyber Sleepover" from Naughty America VR starring Sydney Cole & JoJo Kiss!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with Whirligig player

​Review Score 10/10

"Cyber Sleepover"

Cyber Sleepover, an April 24, 2016 release from Naughty America VR, featuring Sydney Cole and JoJo Kiss, is a 40 min movie that displays some of the new tweaks that NAVR have made to their video format.  The current instructions are for Oculus Rift users to switch to SBS Dome with a 90 degree angle and so far, I have enjoyed the new tweaks while using Whirligig to watch my new NA stuff.  GearVR users will find their own tweak listed in the download instructions on NAVR. 

jojo kiss and sydney cole in cyber sleepover from naughty america vr

JoJo and Sydney looking ravishing

Cyber sleepover starts off with a pretty cool premise for VR Porn, one which finds Jo Jo and Sydney having a sleepover in one of the girls bedrooms, and your initial POV is that of a laptop screen!  The girls are interacting with you via laptop as if you are texting back and forth with live images, and it it made for a clever way of setting up the scene.  If you look down, you can see a keyboard protruding below into the shot.

The girls are in awesome scale, and the visuals hold together very well, even right up close. 

"Damn, we need to get him over here"

Sydney gets a look at your cock on the screen, stating that they need to get you over there and Jo Jo agrees, as they remove their bra's to give you a show.  There is some back forth texting while Jo Jo tells you to grab your cock and the girls do a bit of teasing with their asses before helping each other out of their panties and coming in deliberately close for some really nice kissing.

sydney cole and jojo kiss kissing

Nice and close here

About 4 minutes in, you get the first of many shot changes, and the girls move over to the bed, while pulling the laptop closer for a good view.  They get busy and are soon wrapped up in 69, with Jo Jo eating Sydney in front of you while Sydney's face and action is fairly obscured in the back.  This is a nice shot though, and the audio is absolutely off the chain, you can literally hear their tongues working each others boxes and this enhanced audio adds to the scene greatly.

sydney cole and jojo kiss on bed

JoJo snacks on Sydney's pussy

Scissor Action

Next, the girls get goin on some scissor style action, and if you are like me, I never get tired of watching 2 hot girls grind their naughty bits together!  Good stuff here, and it lasts for a solid couple of minutes before the girls reverse and you get to watch Sydney chow Jo Jo's Pussy and seriously, the sound of Sydney licking pussy here is pretty fuckin hot.

jojo kiss and sydney cole scissors position

Scissors pretty much never gets old!

The girls are horned up at this point and decide they need some cock so they send you the addy and we get another scene change that finds you now in the scene, seated on a couch, with the girls entering the room.  I find these scene transitions and changes a really refreshing thing in VR and one that helps to move the scene along, keeping it from getting stale and I have to salute NAVR for doing this in other movies such as the amazing Spring Break from last month. that used similar paced transitions. 

​New Setup on Couch

The girls join you on the couch and both look great as they come in for some close up kissing.  WARNING: if you have a thing about hands in VR....this scene may not be for you, as this guy gets going immediately with them, and pretty much keeps it up the rest of the scene.  As someone who has been viewing VR porn for some 18 months now, I am fairly tolerant to hands, and am typically not fussed by them, but this guy pushes it for me, bit too touchy feely, not that I can blame the guy.  But ya, there's that hands people.  At least he is largely silent, just a couple moans here and there. 

sydney and jojo on the couch

Sydney and Jojo look great here

Sydney and Jo Jo remove their tops and get down on their knees for some oral action and this is a pretty solid section, with lots of eye contact from the girls as they slob on you knob that goes on for several minutes, with your cock winding up sandwiched between Jo Jo's sweet breasts for some titty lovin in the middle of the sucking action.

"Do you think it will even fit inside you?"

jojo kiss close up

To close to capture it all here, and that is a good thing!

Jo Jo is first to climb on cowgirl and looks really hot fucking your dick with her great natural rack bobbing around in front of you and the action is nice and personal with Sydney helping out on the side before she herself mounts up for a ride.

Down to the Floor

At around 27 minutes, you get another camera change and you find yourself on the floor with Jo Jo riding you reverse cowgirl, and your cock is glistening from her juices as you fuck her pussy with Sydney off to the side.  Sydney next gives you a ride in the same position and this portion is pretty sweeet!  Both girls look really hot and Jo Jo keeps things dirty talking to you.  You pretty much get a few views of both girls in forward and rear facing cowgirl in this section along with some nice sucking between pussy exchanges.

sydney cole reverse cowgirl

These floor shots are pretty sweet!

"Wanna go to the couch?"

jojo kiss missionary

This section rocks, except when dude rocks the your vr cookies!

At 34 minutes, we get our last camera change and get into some really nice missionary on the couch with Jo Jo followed by some sweet doggie on Sydney.  This section looks really nice, and is a winner except when homie gets fucking really hard and bumps the camera rig a few times, which for me, caused instant vertigo and nausea, forcing me to remove my headset and fast forward the sequence a minute or so.  This section looks really good though, other than the movement issues.

sydney cole doggie style

Givin it to Sydney doggie style!

The scene winds up with you fucking Sydney missionary while Jo Jo waits for the cum with her mouth open, which you unleash in huge 3d load all over the place, and the girls then share an epic cumswap after, in point blank range.  The scene slowly winds down and Cyber Sleepover is over!

jojo kiss and sydney cole cyber sleepover movie review

JoJo takes a huge load!

Another Great Release from Naughty America VR!

For me, this was pretty much another winner from Naughty America VR.  The setup was cool, the scenes moved well from shot to shot and the girls and fucking were hot.  The production values were high as always from NA, and I came out of this one a fan of Sydney Cole for sure, she has some killer eyes, and Jo Jo Kiss was rocking also.

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The only negatives I would have for this one would be the hands on approach from the guy, and the bumping of the camera in the final minutes, but overall, nothing to detract from an otherwise great 40 minute vr porn scene.  If you are really anal about hands, you may want to skip this one, or it might just piss you off.

"Cyber Sleepover" from Naughty America VR starring Sydney Cole & JoJo Kiss!

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