JoJo Kiss Turns up the Heat for Summer with Real Teens VR!

Jo Jo Kiss RealTeensVR Review movie

Jo Jo Kiss Turns up the Heat with our RealTeensVR Review!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 9/10

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Jo Jo Kiss from Real Teens VR

I am outside on a bright, blue sunny day, surrounded by palm trees and fronds, and beautiful Jo Jo Kiss is walking right at me as this new 30 minute feature from Real Teens VR gets started.   This is the 3rd feature from Real Teens VR that I have had a chance to review and thus far, they have been rather solid Naughty America production style offerings in terms of the camera tech.  A new focus on up close solo beginning sections, followed up by some hardcore action, seems to make for a pretty nice formula overall.   This one turned out to be my favorite so far due to the close proximity that Jo Jo maintains for most of the movie, as well as a cool outdoors setting amidst the palm trees and breeze.

Jo Jo Kiss Review

Jo Jo walks up looking fierce

Jo Jo looks smoking in a turquoise one piece bathing suit and having really enjoyed her performance with Sydney Cole in Cyber Sleepover from Naughty America VR a couple of months back, I was looking forward to a solid feature with her here.

Jo Jo Kiss

I liked the outdoor setting in this one, little overexposure in back but Jo Jo looks great

Outdoors in the Palm trees

The shot looks good for a sunny outdoor shot, a bit of overexposure, but overall, not bad by outdoor VR standards, which are typically poor.  Overall, I like the setting here much better than the very minimal feeling rooms in the Elsa Jean and Lucy Doll vids I have seen from RealTeensVR and it makes for a better Virtual Reality setting for me, at the cost of a bit of background.  Scale is a tad larger as is the Naughty America way, but this is really not an issue for me on Oculus, where I find it just about perfect.  GearVR users may have a larger experience.

Jo Jo Kiss VR Porn

So close you can make out the fine hairs

Nice and Close to Jo Jo

Jo Jo comes in and gets VERY close for the first 6 minutes or so, and you get some amazing close up shots of her awesome rack, beautiful face and delicious ass before stunt cock shows up and Jo Jo begins rubbing her bare pussy on your hard cock through your shorts.

RealTeensVR Review Jo Jo Kiss Movie

Pre-Ride grinding

"Can you feel how wet my pussy is?"

Jo Jo is at close proximity in your lap with her tits and hair right in your face, and this was by far the most intimate Real Teens VR movie I have seen yet mostly due to the excellent opening sequence and cowgirl sections.

Jo Jo Kiss Virtual Reality

Some oral luvin from Miss Jo Jo Kiss

Jo Jo kneels down to get to work on your cock and I found myself trippin out on the exotic looking surroundings and was kind of diggin the whole vibe here. The scale of the shots in terms of distance to Jo Jo felt really good and it was easy to get into.

Jo Jo Kiss RealTeensVR Close Up

Super close up cowgirl section

Really close cowgirl

This is followed by some excellent in your face cowgirl that we all love,  Jo Jo can't get much closer to you here and she has plenty of dirty stuff to say while grinding your shit.  You also get some reverse cowgirl in this portion before another dose of forward close up action.

Jo Jo Kiss cowgirl virtual

Getting the backside view

"Will you please fuck me from behind?"

Next up is doggie and as with most Naughty America standing doggie shots, this one feels a bit high in terms of camera positioning and its about a medium rated doggie shot for me.  After a couple of minutes of hittin Jo Jo from behind, the view switches to a closer feeling  missionary fuck that continues until you blow your load on Jo Jo's stomach at the end of the scene.

RealTeensVR Jo Jo Kiss VR sex

Some nice missionary style here

Thank you Daddy!

Jo Jo comes in close and scoops your cum into her mouth for some nice cumplay while asking you "Do you like fucking my teenage pussy?" and  with a final "Thank you daddy" the scene comes to an end.

RealTeensVR Jo Jo Kiss Cum

Jo Jo has a little fun with your cum

My Favorite Real Teens VR movie I have watched yet

So, scene number 3 from Real Teens VR proved to be my favorite thus far.  Jo Jo was all that and she was up close and personal for much of this movie, lets say a good 2/3rds, and those portions felt nice and intimate.  Not a lot of time on facial close ups per say, but she is right up on you most of the time and feels present.  Negatives: some overexposure here and there with sunlight and the standing doggie always feels a bit odd to me with Naughty America production, but other than those minor gripes, I enjoyed this one a lot.  Scale was fine for me on Oculus, again, those on GearVR may find it large, I have personally not A/B'd on my GearVR setup yet to see how the Real Teens VR movies look. 9/10

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Jo Jo Kiss from Real Teens VR

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