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Czech VR Review

Updated for January 2018


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 Quick points

  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive, PSVR, Google Carboard and many other headset formats supported.
  • Amateur/pro Czech Virtual Reality Porn!  A current favorite site among many VR porn fans. 
  • Membership grants access to the Mental Pass network of sites. 
  • June, 2016: CVR have added niche content with Czech VR Fetish and Czech VR Casting and updated to 4x movies a week! (this was adjusted in late 2017 to 3x a week to allow for more BG scene focus)
  • Over 397 Movies on CzechVR network, now easily the biggest catalog in VR porn!
  • Some scenes have a slow moving camera, this may or may not trigger motion sickness for some.  If you can tolerate it, it is a really nice addition to stationary VR porn enabling things like simulated missionary action.  I for one, love it at this point and have zero issues with any motion sensitivity at CVR.  Scenes with moving cam are generally tagged on the website.  *Some scenes in late Summer 2017 feature a new experimental bodymounted cam, that is quite a bit jerkier than the old moving setup. 
  • Recent Czech VR Casting scenes in November 2016 have been MFM type scenes instead of casting call solos, with you playing one of the males in a threesome, primarily as a spectator, and this has been a bit of a breath of fresh VR air if you don't mind another bro on yo ho! 
  • Czech VR debuted a new shooting style in May 2017, which is using yet another experimental style of moving camera rig.  I am not a fan of this particular setup yet, as it is pretty jerky and worn by the male performer, but Czech VR continues to lead the way here in exploring uses for moving setups in adult VR and it is always exciting to see what they have going on tech wise. 
  • New scenes in Summer 2017 are featuring some of the more well known European performers that were not previously being seen at Czech VR. 
  • Likely the best tech in VR porn right now in Fall/Winter 2017
  • Fall 2017:  Czech VR have added a new VR only members area
  • September 2017:  Czech VR announced new upgraded video specs, the highest in the industry currently. 
  • November 2017:  Czech VR has dropped to 3 releases a week, with a focus on more BG content over fetish. As well, it sounds like they are changing up their Casting recipe some. 
  • Pretty much anyone watching VR porn owes themselves a one month check it out sub at Czech VR, it is the state of the art in many regards at the end of 2017. 
  • Czech VR was my 2nd top ranked studio overall in 2017, and back to back winner for best VR porn tech in 2016/17. 
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Czech VR Review

Updated for January 2018

  1. Number of movies:   5/5.  At  around 396 movies as of January 2018, CzechVR have taken the lead from VirtualRealPorn for most VR porn content available and pretty much dominate in that regard.  Czech VR has the most aggressive release schedule in VR porn right now putting out 4 movies per week on the Czech VR, Czech VR Fetish and Czech VR Casting sites. *November 2017: Czech VR have moved to 3 releases a week in order to drop more BG scenes. 
  2. Sub pricing:  4.5/5.  With $24.95 for 30 days, $49.95 for 90 days and $84.95 for 180 days, sub rates are a little higher for VR Porn, but that also has to be balanced with a 4 times a week release schedule right now that is tops.  This has changed to 3 times a week in November 2017, but this is still a shit ton of content compared to other studios and the quality is top notch these days.  
  3. Update Frequency:  5/5.  Czech VR release 4x a week at the moment, with 2 main site releases and one each from Czech VR Fetish and Czech VR Casting, putting them in the lead in terms of individual releases per month.  *Changed to 3 times a week in November 2017, still leading in releases a month. 
  4. Variety of Pornstars:  5/5.  Pretty much, you know what you are getting at CzechVR... Amateur or Pro girls of Czech/European heritage for the most part.....or the all part!  Some well known European adult talent from time to time is getting more and more frequent with girls like Amirah Adara, Gina Gerson and Antonia Sainz showing up as well and Summer 2017 sees a noticeable upswing here.  With nearly 400 movies now, there are quite a few women to choose from and that in itself earns Czech VR a 5/5 here. 
  5.  Variety/Kinky Stuff/Niche content:  5/5. Added in June 2016, Czech VR Fetish spinoff featuring fisting, facesitting, pissing, anal, etc and now Czech VR Casting has been added as well with a split of traditional casting solo type movies and 3rd person voyeur content.  Czech VR have one of the wider varieties to be had in terms of range of content available all under one sub. 
  6. Tech:  5/5.  I give Czech VR the tech crown in VR porn currently, at the start of Summer 2017.  They are frequently cited by experienced viewers as being the tech example to look towards for other studios, and no one has pushed moving rigs in VR porn like Czech VR have, now having a main moving rig that can run circles around the static rigs the industry currently relies on.  When I get bored of the rest of what is going on in VR porn every month, I hit up Czech VR and trip out on the great things they are doing on the tech side.  Audio as well, is above average in newer Czech VR titles, with a fair amount of air and positional detail the helps to enhance things like whispering in one ear quite a bit. 
  7. VR Production:  5/5.  Along with industry leading tech, Czech VR production is some of the top in the field I feel like right now, in terms of catering adult content for VR specifically.  They are detail oriented and pay close attention to what is going on with feedback and consumer trends in VR porn.  While they are frequently hamstringed by an English barrier that can prevent more fleshed out scenarios in terms of scripting, they push every other area of production as far as anyone right now, making great use of presence and intimacy in their scenes.  Czech VR has an accomplished crew, that has its own flavor and style, and are doing craftsman level production at this point, when many crews are still fumbling around, finding their way with shooting adult for VR. 
  8. Searchability:  5/5.  Czech VR have recently improved the functionality of their main site, with active tags now available as well as model tags.  This has improved the searchability of the website quite a bit.  The main download site, is still a bit odd to get through, but it serves the function once you get used to it. 
  9. Extras/Networks:  5/5.  Membership also grants access to the Mental Pass network of sites like Bitch Stop, Amateur Sex Teens, Czasting, Czech GFS and Gyno Violations so more 2D content for you sub dollar and overall a strong package with Czech VR Fetish and Casting also thrown into the main sub.
  10. Download Speed:  3/5.  This is one area where Czech VR continues to be a bit average to low, at least for me, despite adding mirrors for both U.S. coasts, and I consistently get average speeds for the industry, at about half of the rate of the faster competing studios.  Downloads in Fall/Winter have been really slow for me.  As of December 2nd 2017, I am getting about 1 hour on a 7 gig medium file. 
  11. Other Details

    • Scaling/ Distortion can be an issue with some of the older CzechVR videos with close ups in particular, but images in the sweet spot look really good.  Adjusting stereo separation with a good VR player can help resolve most scale problems on older stuff.  DEO Player is a great one.  
    • June 2016 pretty much saw all of those early issues with distortion and scale squashed and Czech VR have been offering some of the cleanest looking VR tech going over the last year heading into Summer 2017.  
    • Czech VR also have some moving steady camera shots that really help to break out of the static shots we are used to right now.  I am liking this feature the more I see it utilized and this is a CzechVR exclusive right now.  There are a few others toying with it, but Czech VR is well on its way with its moving tech.  
    • Czech VR have been experimenting with a stuntcock mounted moving cam in the Summer of 2017.  I am not as much a fan of this as the older steadycam setup, as the new one moves around quite a bit more but Czech VR continue to innovate in moving cam tech for VR porn. 

     Don't let the lack of Czech VR movie reviews on my site steer you off here.  For me, they are simply not my full time flavor in terms of menu, I enjoy American women as a preference largely.  Make no mistake, Czech VR is one of the top sites atm for VR porn for several counts, and are a fan favorite.  They have some of the best looking tech in VR porn, hands down and receive much praise for the clarity of their movies when compared to other VR porn studios. 

If you are down for some Czech Amateur/European Pro porn, Czech VR offer a great VR experience, and even if that is not your flavor, all fans in my estimation that enjoy the state of the art in VR porn production, owe themselves at least a one month sub to Czech VR just to check out the tech and production, which is truly impressive by any current standard. Recent talent hired in Summer 2017 see's Czech VR shooting many of the same girls you see at the other European studios, and getting pretty competitive in that regard.  

You can find links to a few free full length Czech VR titles on our free VR porn page. 

Whenever I get bored of the other studios, I hit up Czech VR and enjoy the technical and production advances they are making over there, as they are truly a leader in VR porn production today.  They are one of the few VR studios to keep slowly advancing the art, and working on a craftsman type level at this point.   ​

Czech VR Review Score


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