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Updated for February 2018


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 Quick points

  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive, PSVR, Google Carboard and many other headset formats supported.
  • Amateur/pro Czech Virtual Reality Porn!  A current favorite site among many VR porn fans. 
  • Membership grants access to the Mental Pass network of sites. 
  • June, 2016: CVR have added niche content with Czech VR Fetish and Czech VR Casting and updated to 4x movies a week! (this was adjusted in late 2017 to 3x a week to allow for more BG scene focus)
  • Over 410 Movies on CzechVR network, now easily the biggest catalog in VR porn!
  • Some scenes have a slow moving camera, this may or may not trigger motion sickness for some.  If you can tolerate it, it is a really nice addition to stationary VR porn enabling things like simulated missionary action.  I for one, love it at this point and have zero issues with any motion sensitivity at CVR.  Scenes with moving cam are generally tagged on the website.  *Some scenes in late Summer 2017 feature a new experimental bodymounted cam, that is quite a bit jerkier than the old moving setup. 
  • Recent Czech VR Casting scenes in November 2016 have been MFM type scenes instead of casting call solos, with you playing one of the males in a threesome, primarily as a spectator, and this has been a bit of a breath of fresh VR air if you don't mind another bro on yo ho! 
  • Czech VR debuted a new shooting style in May 2017, which is using yet another experimental style of moving camera rig.  I am not a fan of this particular setup yet, as it is pretty jerky and worn by the male performer, but Czech VR continues to lead the way here in exploring uses for moving setups in adult VR and it is always exciting to see what they have going on tech wise. 
  • New scenes in Summer 2017 are featuring some of the more well known European performers that were not previously being seen at Czech VR. 
  • Likely the best tech in VR porn right now in Fall/Winter 2017
  • Fall 2017:  Czech VR have added a new VR only members area
  • September 2017:  Czech VR announced new upgraded video specs, the highest in the industry currently. 
  • November 2017:  Czech VR has dropped to 3 releases a week, with a focus on more BG content over fetish. As well, it sounds like they are changing up their Casting recipe some. 
  • Pretty much anyone watching VR porn owes themselves a one month check it out sub at Czech VR, it is the state of the art in many regards at the beginning of 2018. 
  • Czech VR was my 2nd top ranked studio overall in 2017, and back to back winner for best VR porn tech in 2016/17. 
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Czech/European Virtual Reality Porn!

 A current tech favorite of many VR porn enthusiasts, Czech VR have been releasing movies now for some time, and are up to around 410 movies at the time of this review in February 2018, making their current catalog the largest in VR porn.

Older Titles

Older Czech VR videos have a pretty low fi vibe to them, many of the sets look to be hotel rooms, and the girls in the older movies are definitely not pros. You will find many of these girls looking over at the director during the shoots and other natural type behavior that the more polished stars are a little better at concealing.  It does not really detract from anything though, as it just reinforces the general amateur vibe of the site. 

New Movies

Newer movies from mid 2016 on or so find Czech VR shooting more established European starlets and they continue to refine and polish their shoots over the last year, pumping out some very, very nice looking movies, with innovative camera work as well.  From where they started, to where they are now, represents a huge progression in tech and production, and is likely the best example of that in adult VR leading everyone besides WankzVR in this regard as we head into 2018. 

Girls of all shapes and sizes

There are quite a selection of girls there, featuring all sorts of body types: tall, short, big tits, big ass, salami nipps, chunky, voluptuous,... the Czech VR girls run the gamut of shapes, ages and sizes and probably one of the larger mixes currently available. 

Membership includes MentalPass network of sites

Membership to CzechVR includes additional access to the "Mentalpass" network of a dozen or so other Czech porn sites, so there is some added value there. Sub prices are on the average to high side of VR porn.  There are better and worse deals to be had as far as dollar per month, but no one offers more sheer content per month than Czech VR right now in terms of number of releases.  New VR content has been added in the way of Czech VR Fetish, and Czech VR Casting sites for June 2016 sweetening the sub considerably, depending upon your tastes, at 4 releases a week.  *This was reduced to 3 releases a week in November 2017 in order to focus more on BG scenes.

Early Tech Specs

All CzechVR movies are shot in 60fps, and movies typically average from 10 to 40 mins.  Audio in early movies can be BAD, with muffled bass and in general.  I distinctly found myself wishing for porno music in one particular older scene I was viewing to drown out the dude! Early lighting is perhaps not as good as some of the other companies as well and there is some close up distortion and scaling issues present in the very early portion of the catalog.

March 2016 saw Czech VR experimenting with a great looking new shooting setup,  also making some solid strides in audio as well and Czech VR kind of hit cruising speed on tech at that point.   You can see a free sample of this new VR shooting style. 

Considered one of the best, if not tops for tech in 2017

As of Summer 2017, Czech VR are producing some of the cleanest looking VR Porn out there right now, ranking very high by many fans in all respects to tech and their moving rig does things no other rig in VR porn can.  Czech VR have also rolled out another headmounted moving rig they are experimenting with in Summer 2017 as well.  As we hit mid Winter here in early 2018, Czech VR continue doing what they do best and leaving many of the rest of the studios behind in the dust on audio and image clarity.

Great choice European VR porn fans/ Tech fans

​Overall, Czech VR is a solid choice for those that like amateur Euro porn in particular, or fans of real looking women and the overall VR experience is solid with CzechVR.  (I would describe them as shooting almost fully pro for the main site in 2017 while the casting site remains more newbie/amateur).  With the only polished moving camera rig in VR Porn right now, as well as a newer experimental one,  Czech VR are pioneering new shooting techniques and should be highly praised for managing to get well ahead of the other VR studios in this regard.   They are worth taking a look at just to see these new techniques alone in my estimation.   With over 400 vids at this point, you are more than likely to get a solid months worth of downloads out of a checkin-it-out sub.

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