Call Katrina Jade in Naughty America VR’s Latest Release!

Call Katrina Naughty America cover

Katrina Jade starring in Naughty America VR's "Call Katrina!"

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig, Dome SBS

Review Score 9/10

"Call Katrina"

Call Katrina is a May 20th, 35 minute release from Naughty America VR starring spectacular Katrina Jade.  Being a fan and having missed her in WankzVR's Dirty Bartenders, due to that being the last WankzVR release with world scale and distortion problems before the fixes, I was really stoked to get to check out Katrina over at Naughty America, who rarely lets me down anymore, and this movie was no exception.

The Setup

Your wife, who is there with you at the start of the movie is going out for the day and as soon as she is out the door, you grab your cell phone and Call Katrina and in a flash, she is there in the flesh, looking AMAZING.  If you are into Katrina Jade, I can't see how this would be a letdown for you.

Call Katrina Jade Naughty America VR

No words but Wow!

Say Hi to Katrina

She walks in, and after spotting a dress on the chair and a wedding ring on your finger, figures out you are a naughty boy and comes over and has a seat on your leg, and HOLY FUCK. It was the first of many times in the opening I said wow out loud.  Katrina is just devastating up close, her eyes are some of the most gorgeous I have seen in VR and it was pretty awesome to be able to stare into them.  There are some really great close ups in this scene, and the rig does marvelously with them, allowing Katrina to basically get as close as she wants to the camera without any distortion, whatsoever.

Katrina Jade Changes

Katrina changes in the bathroom

Changing in the Bathroom

There is a bit of negotiation for some cash and this is one of my favorite sections of the movie, as you just get to look into Katrina's eyes here and she is just a knockout.  Katrina then exits to the next room to change, and the camera follows her into the bathroom while she changes clothes, and is another one of my favorite sections of this movie.

You get to watch Katrina change into some sexies at very close proximity and she looks great here, putting on stockings and I am a fan of this type of scene movement that NA utilizes with different shots and locations in one movie.  This dressing section lasts around 3 minutes before Katrina rejoins you in the other room.

Katrina Jade Virtual Reality

Another amazing view

Katrina gives you a look at the entire package before seating herself on your lap, and it is holy fuck close, with her tits right against your face, and lots of eye contact as she unzips the zippers on her bra and pulls her nips through.  She next pulls a NA move I have missed for awhile now and lays across your lap and I for one, really love these shots that Naughty America pretty much pioneered.

Katrina Jade VR

Love these across the lap shots

Katrina Jade Virtual Blowjob

Katrina gives a great blowjob

Next, you get some seriously pro dick sucking, and one of the better blowjobs I have seen in VR lately, maybe since Aspen Ora in Spring Break Anal from WankzVR before Katrina gets on for some really intimate cowgirl.  You are face to boob and Katrina looks amazing here with spit running down her chin while she grinds your shit.

Katrina Jade doggie

Bit high on the camera here

You get a cut next and you are doing Katrina doggy, and this section is the only one I really didn't like in the movie...not that I don't like doing Katrina doggie, are you fucking kidding me?  It is just that sometimes Naughty America VR doggie shots have the camera placed where you feel like you are either really really tall, or the camera is just set too high.  You are just a bit too far from a natural doggie view below, and it comes off as half 3rd person, half first person.  But otherwise, Katrina looks HAF from behind like this.

Katrina Jade one

Beautiful view!

Next, you swap to a floor shot, and this is one of the best sections for me.  Katrina sticks her shit right in your face and gives you a great close up show of her beautiful pussy and ass and the only thing that ruins the shot are the guys hands that are all over her.  This will either piss some off, or won't bother others.  The hands in this movie were probably my main complaint, waaaay too hands on for me.

Naughty America VR Call Katrina

Amazing shot here!!! Hard to fit it on screen.

Best Shot

My favorite shot of the movie is next, where Katrina gets up, ass up in your face, and rubs a shit ton of spit on her pussy while you can see her suck your cock!  Bit of glare from the light, but still......Gold!!  She next sits down for some reverse cowgirl that is also pretty great and Katrina has a sweeeet ass.

Katrina Jade GearVR

Ya, I would grab it too

Call Katrina Jade VR

Fully embedded in Katrina

You get some nice lean back forward facing floor cowgirl after that before Katrina asks you to come to the bedroom, where you find yourself nailing her doggie again on the side of the bed.  The scene wraps up with some missionary and you dumping a HUGE load all over Katrina's chest, and you get to look at her covered in cum for a good 90 seconds after before the scene ends.

Katrina Jade cumshot

Katrina gets a serious glazing

Worth the Wait

So my wait to see Katrina Jade in VR is over and I was pretty happy with this one from Naughty America VR, who continue to produce some of my favorite VR clips of all time.  Katrina looked amazing, and the scene had some really strong close up sections in the beginning half, where things felt really intimate, and the titty guys should be loving the first close up cowgirl section.

The things i didn't like: Hands.  Waaaaaaaay too much grabbin the merchandise by our stunt cock here, and while this may not bother some, there will be many that are put off by this intrusion into their VR space.  There are A LOT of hands for a VR scene in this.  Second, was the camera height during doggie and the bedroom scene, which feels a bit too high for me.  Doggie is a challenging shot, but it's been shot better.  The advent of some sort of zoom on the rig would seem to be needed to ultimately close the distance between where the camera rig must have to live in a shot like this, as it is problematic currently in many studios doggie shots.

If you love Katrina Jade.....just get it. 10/10

Other than those minor things though, if you are a fan of Katrina Jade, I would say grab this fucker.  Just being able to look into her eyes at the beginning was enough for me, just stunning really if you like her and honestly one of the more powerful sets of eyes I have gazed into in VR.  And this is without a doubt one of the best camera rigs close up in VR porn right now.  There was ZERO distortion, right up against the camera, and I can't wait till that becomes more commonplace in Virtual Reality Porn. 9/10.  Point off for a lot of hands and a tad tall doggie/bedroom perspective.

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Call Katrina from Naughty America VR!

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