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BadoinkVR Review

Updated for May 2017


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  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Carboard, HTC Vive and many other headset formats supported.
  • All subs include free VR goggles compatible with any smart phone.   At over 112 movies and counting, BadoinkVR have a large back catalog.  
  • Brand new high quality camera setup introduced in March 2016.  BaDoinkVR probably have the 2nd, or best image in VR in January 2017.
  • August 2016 sees BaDoinkVR making some very interesting moves and finally mixing up their formula for VR Porn a bit, featuring more American talent and mixing up their production some.
  • This seems to be a transitional period coming out of August with changes that appear to be for the better for my tastes in VR, in terms of shooting style.
  • Fall into Winter 2016 has been a bit hard to pin down with more experimental shoots coming from BaDoinkVR as they try to mix up their older formula a bit.  The Spanish shoots have been pretty consistent in style, while the American movies have been all over the place on tech style, occasionally spitting out some diamonds.
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Badoink VR Review

Updated for May 2017

  1. Number of movies:  5/5.  At 112 at the 1st of May 2017, BadoinkVR have a nice plump VR porn stash
  2. Sub pricing:  4/5. Subs at Badoink are a bit high starting at $24.95 for a 1 month, with the annual offering substantial value given Badoink's release frequency.  If you like what you see after a month, might as well get the one year.  They have also recently introduced the 1 dollar trail offer good for one movie.  You can get either a -60% off first months sub or a one dollar/day trial through our links here at 3DPornReviews.
  3. Variety of Pornstars: 5/5.  There is a nice variety of talent over at Badoink, with the emphasis on young, tight n right European girls.   As of June/July 2016, there are now shooting American pornstars, and this could give them one of the most well rounded rosters in VR as they are dipping from both sides of the pond.  We give em 5/5 here with that new blend as no one else can really claim that right now.
  4. Variety/Kink/Niche:  4/5.  Other than several good Anal vids, and a trippy basement video with Blondie Fesser, things are pretty vanilla at Badoink, with some group scenes and girl/girl stuff.  There are some parody and cosplay type shoots as well.  Recent movies have seen a JOI with Kylie Page , a sex education type movie with August Ames and Joel and Alexa Tomas shot from both POV's.   There was even a recent erotic reading video featuring Sienna Knight, so BaDoinkVR are definitely stretching out in the Fall of 2016.  A couple of US solo's have shown up in Winter with videos from both Tori Black and Bella Rose.
  5. Searchability: 5/5.  Dec 1.  BaDoinkVR has filters and search by girl! Finally!
  6. Scaling/Distortion:  4/5. Typically, on a DK2, Badoink vids look pretty good to great for me.  Older movies can suffer from the same type of scaling that some older VR porn shoots suffer from , and some videos have been shot further from the camera than desirable by many for VR, but overall, they have some really decent stuff if you like the roster.  By the end of summer 2016, BaDoinkVR's rig/s are performing very well in terms of both resolution and distortion .  Some viewers will still rank current BaDoinkVR scale as a little larger and most would rate their image quality at or very close to the top of what's out there right now. 
  7. Frequency of Updates:  3/5. BadoinkVR is still on a once a week release schedule, which is putting them behind the pack a bit right now, with most studios doing at least a 2x week release rate in early 2017. 
  8. Extras/Networks: 1/5.  Not much of anything extra goin on at BaDoinkVR
  9. Overall Immersion/ VR Sense:  4/5. Despite some distance issues in some of the vids, Badoink have quality titles to explore and rank decently well for a VR porn experience.   Movies from the late summer/fall/winter of 2016 have really been all over the place, both on content, and tech such as camera heights and perspectives and it is good that BaDoinkVR are trying to grow as they had remained fairly stagnant for months having been one of the early players in VR porn.  So there have been some misses recently as they try to experiment with new ideas, and mix up what had become a very standard recipe for a bit and this can impact immersion in that sense, depending upon your personal tolerances for camera height, etc.  Mid Winter finds some nice releases with Going Deep and Ball in Hand from the US side of BaDoinkVR in December.
  10. Download Speed:  4/5. We get consistantly average to good download speeds from Badoink.  *January: reports from many of slow downloads over the past 2 weeks.  BaDoinkVR has stated that contacting customer service and asking for a CDN swap may help with the issue, similar to what many were running into at Naughty America VR some months back. 

BaDoinkVR Review Score

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