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My Personal Top 3 Studio Picks for June 2018
WankzVR logo


WankzVR is my favorite studio overall atm for content and casting. I think they pull off the best VR GFE's as well as some of the best PoV's and are never afraid to take chances in terms of story, setups and stepping out of the tight little box VR porn lives in.

I don't like everything at Wankz (and that's a good thing, it's not all the same), but I absolutely love some of it, and think they still share the overall lead with Czech VR in early 2018 for continuing to push in areas of production techniques that cater to adult VR.  

Weak points: Traditionally poor/average image quality, especially in the last few months, black edits/audio pullouts and download issues (for some, not for me particularly in my location). 

A new rig upgrade in May 2018 finally brings a nice looking image to WankzVR so this is great to see after they struggled for months with the last rig upgrade rolled out in Winter 2017. 

Czech VR logo 150

Czech VR

Czech VR is pretty much a tie with WankzVR for me for an alternate set of reasons. Top tech/image quality/audio and solid production as well as a nice, long, linear upward growth trend throughout it's history make Czech VR a studio you can count on in terms of it's overall catalog, and groundbreaking production techniques. 

I think the 2 studios putting out the most consistent VR experiences atm are WVR and CVR, in terms of really playing to the mediums strengths and understanding  what viewers want to see focused. Czech VR is beating everyone handily in the final tech presentation of the movies offering the best looking image to my eyes and they are pioneers in advancing VR PoV's along with WVR in my estimation. 

Weak spots for me: I prefer American porno just as a cultural thing, kind of more so in VR, and traditionally slow download speeds from Czech VR to my location that have recently shot through the moon with increased speed after years of slow downloads. There is almost no weak link at Czech VR at this point to me. As they close in on 500 scenes this year, it is hard to argue with the value for the sub dollar.

BadoinkVR Logo


BaDoinkVR is my current pick for 3rd for strong casting and for production making noticeable shifts in the last 6 months or so to try to get a bit more intimacy happenin in the scenes. 

I give BaDoinkVR a lot of points for simply trying to mix it up in the last 6 months in terms of focus and feel like if they could just remedy the one sided eye contact once and for all, and continue to work PoV's, they would be fairly competitive right now.

Weak spots at BaDoinkVR for me: The one sided eye focus and questionable PoV's.  As well, image quality took a step down to average in 2017, being pretty similar to WankzVR.  Audio was also downright abysmal for a good bit of 17', having seen some much needed polish recently. 

Overall, I gotta give em a little more steam in early 18' than Naughty America VR, VRP or some of other studios that have struggled more in the last year with being consistent, imo. 

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About Me, Dirty D!

Watching 3D VR Porn since 2014

These movie reviews are my own opinions about adult VR porn videos. I've been watching virtual reality porn since late 2014, when I purchased my first VR headset, an Oculus developer kit. In the last few years, I have viewed well over 1000 videos, the good, the bad and the ugly. It's getting tough to keep up now in 2017 with many studios having doubled releases since 2016, but I am still watching quite a few movies every month and I try to cherry pick the most interesting titles every week to review for my readers. I come from an audio production/musician/technical background and tend to look at audio and video at their basic component level. I enjoy the more technical details involved with VR porn production and writing about them and am a lifelong fan of adult entertainment in general.

I am not paid directly for my reviews

No one else colors my thoughts, nor is my opinion up for sale and I am not paid directly for the reviews I provide here. Movie reviews can take me 4 to 6 hours apiece to write, screenshot and sometimes cut trailers for.  I watch every movie I cover here twice during the course of a review and try to be fair to all involved. From talent to production, to the end viewer and paying porn subscriber. 

​I cover what is interesting to me

I do not offer website or movie reviews for sale here. A studio cannot buy its way onto my blog or enhance its coverage by doing anything other than releasing great content. Or perhaps by releasing content I want to warn readers about. Either way, I try to approach from a place of inspiration when I sit down to write up a scene and not simply to force out another post for my website. I have turned down around half of the VR studios for review at this point. If you do not see me covering a studio, I likely feel like they are not up to snuff on technical quality yet. For instance I don't review any studios working with 360 degree video for the most part and am waiting for things improve with 360 degree production in adult VR. 

One guys blog, fully independant

This blog is a one man production and the website takes quite a bit of time to keep updated.  If you enjoy the reviews and the website, clicking through my links is a great way to say thanks and I thank you back!  My links will never cost you more and in most cases, I can save you a few bucks on a sub.  Check out my discount section for active VR XXX readers discounts. 

​Ad free

I don't run sidebars, popups, website redirects or static ads here. I want to present a clean website for you to visit that is not sponsored by any one content provider. I can't stand that shit myself, and you didn't come to this website for ads, you came here for info on VR porn websites & movies. There are links provided to the various studios where appropriate.  I have been offered to run paid advertising on the website and have turned it down. 

I hope that you find the website useful!

​Happy fappin and I hope you find the ratings and reviews useful and/or entertaining!  Even if you don't agree with my opinion or ratings, it's only one guys honest opinion on VR porn videos. I try to make sure that all the stuff that most of us want to know about is there, the good and the bad, while being honest with myself and my writing style. 

When it comes to sexual tastes, there is no accounting and some aspects of Virtual Reality porn can be very subjective as well. I respect everyone's opinion and points of view and I try to just make sure to hit both sides of those types of things when I can.  Something that leaves one of us cold, may really do it for the next person, so I try to be pretty open in that sense, while still expressing my own unique opinion.  Cheers!

You can find me posting regularly on active VR XXX forums like reddit oculusnsfw under username TheActionIsGo and the WankzVR members board as user PoonReview :)

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